Nailing It

When I was suffering badly from Thyroid problems my nails suffered too. The nail ends were raggedy, nails ridged, they broke easily. Before the Thyroid problems the nails grew long and strong. I had Hypocalcemia which is calcium m deficiency, which was caused by an overactive Thyroid which prevented the absorbtion of calcium in my body. Another area of my body affected was my knee bones which became brittle. The Dr also prescribed me Vit D to build up bones and nails which you can buy in pharmacy.

I tried a number of nail treatments for my nails to restregthen them. These were the best I found.

Leighton Denny

Renovate Nail Repair £12.00 a cream and a buffer. This is ideal for carers or nurses who can’t wear polish at work. Instructions come with the kit, but it involves rubbing the cream into the nails and buffing. The results were brilliant.

Crystal Nail Files

The rolls Royce of nail files prevents splitting of the nails while filing. Leighton Denny Small £12.50 Large £17.00. These will last you a lifetime. Do look on his website these are also available at online stores and Amazon.

Now when you get your Nails strong you will want to make them glam. My go to was Nails Inc who do a wonderful choices of Polish.

Nails Inc

Base Coat £15 there are number of choices, cavier, vegan and nailkale are included.

Top Coat £15 which includes a vegan version.

Lookout on the website for mini sets for £9.00

Nail Polish starts from £9.00 and look out for sets on the websites too,which are great value. There are so many Trend choices including vegan and magnet effect. Nails Inc are constantly updating there polishes.

They also do a Vit E pen for cuticles which you can carry in your handbag for £10.00.

Nail Polish Removers both Nails Inc and Leighton Denny do great removers.

Leighton Denny £6.00

Nails Inc £6.00 which comes in a sponge pot which you dip your finger in great for travelling.

Nails Inc polish £9

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Nuxe was founded by Aliza James in 1991.It started with the Prodigeuse oil she blended together.

Nuxe Prodigeuse Oil 50ml £18.50

Can be used in the hair,face and body. Comes in 4 versions,original, floral, extra rich and a shimmer version.

I had a sample sent me as a Thank you on a purchase from . It was the original version.

I used it in the hair first I put it in and let it soak in for a few hours before I washed it. My hair was lovely and silky when I dried it. I also tried it again when I washed it I put it on before I dried it. It looked lovely after very groomed and soft. But my hair needed washing the day after. My hair type is fine but gets oily quickly. So I stuck to using it pre wash. I think this would be useful for people who have very dry hair. Personally I would use as I occasionally as a treatment.

I also used it on the face but I prefer my Clarins Lotus oil. But it is a dry oil so can be used on the face if your not used to facial oils. And this oil could be used under make up. Facial oils if you have never used them are heavy and absorb slowly into the skin. They are are known to help with anti ageing.

I used the oil on the body which I loved and you can put your clothes on straight away after as its a dry oil. The oil is lovely earthy fragrance.

Nuxe Very Rose Soothing Miceller Water 200ml £15.50

A lovely fresh cleanser which is for using in a rush taking of your make up before a second cleanse.

Loved the Rose fragrance which is very subtle. Excellent for sensitive skin. Used it to take make up off and as a first cleanse. 200ml lasts you a long time too so fairly economical lasted me 4 months.

Very Rose Peeling Lotion 150ml £19.50

Also from the Very Rose collection. A very gentle acid exfoliator so gentle it doesn’t sting. Skin does feel smooth after I noticed the difference after a couple of uses. Great for hairline area where its hard to get into with manual exfoliators. A gel liquid formula apply with cotton wool. Ideal for sensitive skin and cheaper than most acid exfoliators.

Nuxe Sun Delicious Fragrant Water 30 ml £12.50

A gentle coconut smell in a bottle with a hint of Tiare flower. A very summery fragrance worth buying if you want to wear it in the day or night. I bought it in the smaller size to try it and I would repurchase this. Comes in a lovely bottle in sun and sand colours of blue and yellow.

I hope you enjoyed this article on Nuxe and found it useful I’ve mentioned his brand before in sensitive skin care. And I enjoy using this line.

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Caroline Hirons Skincare Book

A couple of weeks ago I received Caroline’s Skincare Book. I had been excited about receiving this and I wasn’t disappointed. Its a no nonsense guide and written in the style Caroline talks.

Caroline is a lady who loves Camo,Duran Duran and Heavy Rock. She has 23 years experience in Skincare,consulting /advising for retailers and brands in the the Skincare Industry. She is a trained aesthetician and worked for top brands.

Born and raised in Liverpool and the U.S. Caroline has lived in London since the late 1980s with husband Jim and their 4 children.

The book is divided into several chapters.

The Introduction includes a explanation of how the skin works.

A Good Skin Routine chapter helps you plan the best routine for you and your lifestyle. It includes extra information on a summer and winter routine.

Skin Types and Conditions chapter helps you know the difference between skin types. And the condition of your skin resulting in lifestyle. It also shows different skin conditions such as Eczema and how to treat it.

When life Happens this chapter is all about dealing with the skin during ageing, puberty,menopause and illness.

Your Kit chapter helps you find the best products for your skin concerns and your age group. She also discusses the products she doesnt like and why.

Here’s the Thing chapter talks about myths of the industry. Caroline talks about what are the fear selling tactics of the brand.

There is also a Glossary of Terms and Brands section mentioned in the book.

I think this book is suitable for someone struggling with there skin, someone interested in Skincare and people working in the Industry. It has lots of photos in this book to show you information as you go along too. Even Dermotoligists have been impressed with this book.

At present it’s a No 1 bestseller. Its price is £20, but can be purchased cheaper in supermarkets Amazon and WHSmith in the UK.

On Caroline’s Blog it gives information on where you can buy it internationally. Caroline has a blog which started in 2010 with 120 million views.

Where to find Caroline online:-

Facebook CarolineHironsOfficial

Twitter CarolineHirons

Instagram CarolineHirons

You Tube CarolineHirons

I hope you enjoy this article and look up Caroline .Shes hard hitting down to earth and funny.

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What I’m loving right now

Well I’ve purchased some new products from my ebay sales.

Firstly, I bought a new Elomi bra as my Panache ones were worn out. I can’t get to Bravissimo for a fitting due to Covid19.Plus my nearest Bravissimo shop is over 30 miles away in Leeds. But by the way ladies Bravissimo in the UK is the best place I’ve been for a fitting. As they took there time and the bras fit like a glove, I got the Panache Envy at my last fitting which is a great bra.

My Elomi Morgan bra still fitted me well so I went for the Lydia this time. I bought it direct from there website. Look at the outlet page to on there site bras there selling of cheaper. It came in 2 days and fits so well. There bras are very sturdy but pretty.

My favourite brands are Elomi, Freya and Fantasie, which are all from the Wacoal group. And Panache a Sheffield based company that also sells in the USA I believe.

I also bought a new dress for £20 from Ruby and Daisy. They are a small boutique north of Manchester that ship internationally. Now there dresses are one size and go from a UK 8 to upto a 24. So basically you can wear the same dress if your a size 10 and your mates a size 20. Yes incredible do look at there website. One of the co owners is Antonella Brollini, who in the UK is known as Aunty Nelly the uncensored reviewer, and been a guest on ITVs This Morning programme. She was on live on the Ruby and Daisy Facebook site last week and shes says shes going to get stock in soon up to a size 32. They have there own website, Facebook and Instagram.

I bought the Bayview dress which the material feels lovely and looks flattering. I bought it in the Navy and I’m going to wear it this week in the hot weather.

Nelly in a Bayview dress

Finally I bought the small Caudalie Grape Water for £6 75ml. It is a moisturising mist/toner spray and refreshing in this hot weather. It feels great on the skin and a good buy worth it. I got it from the Escentual site I’ve mentioned before took 2 days for delivery. And I got a Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse in a mini size 10 ml and La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 mini size 3ml too for free.

I’ve used the oil on my face and hair as its multi functional and its brilliant. Not greasy on the skin it’s a dry oil. And smoothed my hair using it before washing my hair.

I’m looking forward to getting my Caroline Hirons Skincare book. I will let you know about that soon.


Ruby and Daisy




I hope you enjoyed this article.

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Make up for Sensitive Skin

When I was a teenager and only had a small amount of money for college, I used a lot of Avon. But the oil free foundation I used when I socialised on a weekend evening brought me out in spots. My skin was oily and I removed it properly. And I’m not saying Avon is a bad Brand but there was something in the ingredients that flared my skin up.

I then heard about Various Hypoallergenic ranges for sensitive skin and the were also non comedgic. So they shouldn’t block your pores or flare up your skin. This I read in my teenage mag in the beauty column. One brand I had seen in Boots in the city centre. Boots is a major chemist in the Uk. This brand had it’s own counter in the store, it was an American brand Almay. I tried the foundation and low and behold no spots or flare ups. I gradually purchased more and more of the brand, eye make up for my new contact lenses I purchased etc.

After 3 or 4 years Almay stopped selling in the UK. And I bought Boots own sensique brand, the eye make up was brilliant. But sadly they stopped the line after a few years.And when I went for my Clarins facial the therapist gave me some of the make up to try in samples, as I was running out of foundation. The Clarins was fantastic and a little went a long way. So a bottle would last me a couple of years as I didn’t wear it every day. Like the Almay which was cheaper it didn’t irritate me plus it had skin benefit ingredients in it.

I understand that Almay can still be bought in the USA so all you American ladies out there try it.

Two other American brands I like are Laura Geller her eye make up is safe for my eyes. And I love her baked foundation and blusher.

Benefit blusher, concealer, bronzer and highlighter I like but I cant wear the eye make up. There is something in the eye make up that irritates the eyes. I find some brands are not labelled hypoallergenic but because they dont have certain ingredients in them a sensitive user can use them. And Benefit is one of these examples.

I think personally it’s a good idea to try before you buy. The Benefit counter does encourage make overs on counter, which is great. I was having a make over and I had my glasses instead of lenses. And it how I realised the eye make up didn’t suit, but I’m fine with the face makeup. But you can always try mini versions or samples of make up.

Look for paraben free,phlates free, hypoallergenic and non comedgic in the descriptions of make up if your not sure.

I will list below other brands that are best for sensitive skin.


Jane Iredale

Burts Bees

Physicians Formula

Georgio Armani Beauty


Bare Minerals


Glo skin beauty

Vmv Hypoalergenics


Trish McAvoy

Links :-


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After hearing Caroline Hirons liking Caudalie products I thought I would look into Caudalie

Caudalie products are cheaper the brand of skincare I normally use. So I thought I would browse a site Caroline reccomended too

I found the products were priced between £6 and £46. And above this price the premier cru range.

I needed moisturizer as I was on my dregs of my moisturisers which were samples, having run out of my Clarins Hydra moisturizer. I chose the Vinosource range as it’s the moisturising range , and my skin as been dehydrated with been indoors most of the time.

But first I will let you know more about Caudalie. Its a green skincare range made from grape extract, veg oils waxes and butters, essential oils, floral and botanical butters,plants and fruit extracts.

Caudalie does not use parabens and phenoxyethanol, animal derived ingredients,mineral oils or sodium laureth sulfate.

Caudalie also gives 1% turnover for reforestation.

I saw the moisturiser in a collection it was a best seller the Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet £23 for 40ml. With it was a Vinosource SOS Thirst quenching serum sample 10ml and Moisturising Mask sample 15ml.

The moisturizer ingredients includes Chamomile, Shea butter,grape water,polyphenols ( anti age and antioxidant)

The serum full size retails £29.00 for 30ml and ingredients are Hyaluronic acid, vinolevure,olive squalene,grape water and polyphenols.

The mask retails at £22 for 75ml and contains Hyaluronic acid, Vinolevure and green grape.

Photos below

The mask is lovely I have had it on twice now. For 15 minutes and overnight as you can use it both ways. It left my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. It has a very earthy smell to it and a creamy thick texture.

Both the serum and moisturizer have fruity fragrance to them but a natural smell not synthetic. The serum absorbed into my skin and both products were soothing. The moisturizer was light and mousse like and the serum light and silky on my skin.My skin as felt soft and smooth since and its alleviated my dryness.

I did like the packaging it came in and they try and make it recyclable.

I feel as I may repurchase in the future. As I feel that they benefit my skin. And they are worth the price considering the ingredients.

Caudalie do a few collections and mini size products to try. Do look at the Caudalie site for further information as they can give you more information on there values and ingredients.

I hope you have enjoyed the article.

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Disclaimer I was not paid for advertising and my opinions are my own. I bought the products by my own monies they were not gifted.

Spring look

Hi thought I would do a spring look for the modern day rather than retro.Make up is more sheer and natural with soft colours.

Make up used


Clarins SOS primer 00 Universal light

Benefit Stay don’t stay eye primer light/ medium

Benefit fake up concealer 02 Medium

Clarins Skin illusion Foundation 110

Becca skin perfect highlighter in Rose gold

Clarins bronzer from Colourful Horizons pallette to contour


Clarins mono colours in 16 pink frost 23 silver green

Soap and glory crazy sexy kohl in black on top eyelid

Laura Geller Inkredible liner in Purple Rain underneath

Clinique superfine liner for brows in Brown

Clarins supra volume mascara in Intense Black.


Estee Lauder pure colour envy 420 in Reckless Bloom

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1950s Make up look

1950s Make up was simple no contouring highlighting etc. Just a matte face, simple eyes and red or pink lips. Think Marilyn Monroe , Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

This is my take on 50s make up.

Make up used :


Clarins everlasting foundation SP15 colour 107

Benefit Boing Concealer 01

Benefit stay don’t stray eye primer light/ medium

Clarins mineral loose powder 02 medium

Clarins Blush Prodige 05 Rosewood


Estee Lauder sugar cube white highlighter

Clarins the essential eyeake up palette in neutral

Beige for Transition colour

Matte Brown for crease.

Laura Geller Inkredible eyeliner in Blackbird.

Clarins supra volume mascara intense black.


Clarins lip liner in Roseberry

Clarins water lipstain in red

Laura Geller clear lip gloss City lights.

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Contact lenses make up guide

When I started using contact lenses I was advised to use make up labelled ophthalmology tested, hypoallergenic and safe for contact wearers.

I used Almay for a few years from Boots in the UK, as it also suited my sensitive skin. However, Boots stopped supplying this brand .I also tried Boots Sensique range which was more affordable at the time, then they discontinued the range. So as I started using Clarins for my face sensitivity I asked them about eye makeup if it was safe for lens wearers etc and I always have used it since when wearing lenses.

I have used other eye makeup brands with no lenses in. But I have had sensitivity difficulties with certain brands.

Bare Minerals

This is a general guide for contact lens wearers.

Wash your hands before inserting lenses. And insert lenses and leave them to settle before applying make up.

Use an eye primer to keep shadow liners in place.

Avoid getting make up on inner eyelids.

Replace mascara regularly and keep brushes clean.

Dont apply makeup on the go to avoid eye injuries and make up all over eye and lens.

Use daily lenses if possible or keep traditional lenses clean.

Dont share make up to avoid cross infection.

Dont use eye make up that contains oil. Oil and water dont mix and it could cause lens to cloud.

Avoid lash extending mascara they have micro flakes that get into your eyes.

Use powders and mascara that are Hypoallergenic because fibres can fall into eyes. And if it’s not Hypoallergenic it can cause discomfort and infections.

Make sure cream eyeshadow is water based to avoid getting oil into the eye.

Remove lenses before taking off makeup.

If you looking online or in the shops it should say on the packaging its Hypoallergenic, safe for contact lenses or ophthalmology tested. So if it’s not a brand not listed here, do check out other brands on the packaging. As since I started wearing lenses more brands have become contact lens friendly.

Here’s a list of brands but not all of them.


Bare minerals


Burts bees


Giorgio Armani beauty

Jane Iredale

Physicians Formula


I hope this information as been useful for you and helpful.

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Sensitive Skincare

Sensitive skin is skin suffering from Rosacea, Eczema or just sensitivity.

Sensitive skin should seek out non comedogenic which doesn’t clog the pores and hypoallergenic brands to prevent sensitivity.

And avoid alcohol,fragrance and phthalates which cause irritation and skin reaction.

During my teens my skin often got inflamed with different skincare brands, I suffered with a irritated scalp and contact dermatitis.

Reading my teen magazine Beauty pages I learned about Hypoallergenic skincare available at the time and Cosmetics. Which made an improvement. The doctor prescribed me E45 and Hydrocortisone for the Dermatitis. I occasionally used Neutrogena Shampoo to get the build up from scalp cleared. I learnt from the hairdressers in later years it sulfates and silicones in shampoos that cause irritation of the scalp. In my teens my mum bought me Avon Clearskin skincare but Simple skincare was a little kinder . In my early twenties my skin still had problems sensitive but very oily, a friend suggested a local beauty salon for a facial. I booked in for a Facial it was a Clarins salon and I couldn’t believe the difference in my skin even for a few weeks after. So I booked in for a basic facial every few weeks and after a few months I could see a difference. I used there moisturiser after. And when I could afford it I bought more Clarins products over the years as it was the best I had tried.

The last few years my skin as suffered again I was Ill with my Thyroid and you could see the difference in my skin. I wasnt working due to the illness and I could only afford Garnier skincare. Illness can also affect the skin .As soon as I started earning a bit of money I went to Clarins Beauty Bar and had a few mini facials.I could see a difference my skin softer, clearer and pores less visible. And I bought some new products from the range.

So if your skin starts to get irritated try a sensitive skin brand to see if you see a difference.

There are many skincare products out there some are solely brands for sensitive skin. There maybe more brands out there depending where in the world you live. Some include a sensitive skin range here are a few that will fit all budgets. From low budget to high end.

Specialised Brands

Avene, Eucerin, Dermalogica,Neutrogena, La Roche Posay, Vichy, Bioderma, Ren, Curel Embroyolisse, Sisley,Clarins,Simple,Weleda,Indeed,SVR.

Brands with a sensitive range

Burts bees, Body shop, Superdrug The Ordinary, Origins, Caudalie, Garnier, Paula’s Choice.

I hope you find this guide useful and this post enjoyable.

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