Food for Hypothyroidism

Theres been some confusion over what’s the best food to optimise your Thyroid function. It won’t cure Thyroid function but it will help improve function. So I have researched on medical sites to seek information on the foods to eat and food to reduce in eating.

Foods to optimise your Thyroid.

Seaweed,fish,diary and eggs,which contain Iodine.

Brazil nuts,sardines and tuna which contain selenium.

Oysters,shellfish,beef and chicken which contain zinc.

Berries,oranges,bananas and tomatoes which also boost Thyroid function.

Non caffeinated drinks and water to drink.

Selenium,zinc and iodine are known to help optimise Thyroid function in your diet. You are advised not to take these supplements in tablet form unless advised by a Dr.

Avoid or reduce the amount of the following foods, these contain goitotrons that interfere with Thyroid function.

Soy foods like milk and tofu

Cabbage,cauliflower and broccoli

Some fruits and starchy foods peaches,pears and potatoes

Nuts and seeds like peanuts.

Coffee,green tea and alcohol may irritate Thyroid function.

Look on the following link for further information.

And another link to a site here

I hope this has been a useful read an I will look into other subjects on Thyroid problems in the future.

Bye for now oxo 💋

Disclaimer I have not been paid for this article.

5 thoughts on “Food for Hypothyroidism

  1. Thanks for sharing the helpful list. I must be neutral in Thyroid functioning due to what I eat. I eat all of that stuff ;-). I hope you’re finding dietary help versus the need for medication.

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    1. I still have to take medication it’s a life long thing. Without medication my Thyroid would not function properly. But certain foods optimise Thyroid function.
      Thyroid disease is a bit like Diabetes you have medication to control it have be careful with your sugar levels but its life long disease Xxx

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