Events 2020

Hi I’m going to post a number of events in the Uk. It’s not all of them but some of the biggest events up and the country. I will also try and give you links for further information. I have already dedicated posts to some of these events in previous blogs for further information.

Festival of Vintage

North event York racecourse 25th and 26th April

East event (new event) East of England Arena Peterborough 26th and 27th September

Chrich Tramway museum

World war 2 Homefront April 12th and 13th

And August 8th and 9th

50s and 60s weekend 27th and 28th June

20s day 11th July

Vintage Carnival

Newcastle Racecourse 23rd May (new event)

Nottingham Racecourse 31st August

Dawn’s Weekender

40s,50s and 60s weekend at Mill Rythe holiday park 2-5 October.


28th – 31st August Bedfordshire

The following vintage fairs go from city to city I will give you the links for you to check if there visiting near you.

Lou lous vintage fair

Judy’s affordable vintage fair

And the ultimate outdoor museum in the north exploring various decades is Beamish. Open from February visit the website for all the information

Nottingham Vintage Carnival

Any international readers feel free to message me about big events in your country and I will put a list up.

Bye for now💋oxo

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