Chapel Saint Leonards

About a month ago mum decided to make a put to book a Caravan again at Chapel st Leonards. With the lockdown we were going stir crazy and a caravan break was ideal and safe. My dad had been stuck indoors for 6 months only escaping to the garden. So mum booked the 6 birth disabled Gold standard Caravan. For those you outside the UK Chapel St Leonards, is a small seaside village north of Skegness, on the flat Lincolnshire coast, on the east side of the UK.

We went to Merryfield park across the road from the pub which we sat outside one night. The Caravan had 2 bedrooms and plenty of space in both of them. A bathroom designed as a wet room. A galley kitchen leading to a sitting dining area. A verandah outside with a ramp.

My nephew came with us to push his grandad around in the wheelchair. He slept on the sofa at night as he was too long for the beds!!!

The local shops were so organised and the restaurants too. Before you went in each shop or takeaway it was mask on and antibacterial gel supplied.

Restaurants and pubs you signed into and masks were on to you sat down along with sanitizer at the door.

We went to a local restaurant called JWs which was smashing we all ate different meals and everyone enjoyed theres. Also we went to the Lakeside cafe and had breakfast one time sat by the Lake. And we had takeaways from the local chinese and chip shops, which were beautiful with big portions.

The beach was lovely it looked like desert. And people were walking on the promenade. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

We fell lucky that week with the weather in the 20c all week it was like and indian summer so sunny and we got some colour.

My dads mood improved, he stayed awake all day as he didn’t want to miss anything.He exercised with his frame. He ate much better trying to eat all his meals .And we got him out in the fresh air seeing people. Popping a visor on him before we entered the shops. It gave him some normality.

Mum and I enjoyed a game of bingo we signed into the amusements. Each bingo station was sanitized down after each use. It was do well organized.

We didn’t want to come home and hopefully we can go back next year. Hopefully the Covid will be controlled by then

The beach
The Lakeside Cafe

I hope you enjoyed the read and it shows we can live in this new world. Hopefully everything will turn a corner eventually.

Bye for now 💋oxo

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