Dance the night away

Well I was in a bit of a rut of what to write this week and I saw something on Social media local dancing classes. And I thought yeah I can talk about that.So go on your social media or Google and see what you can find. I will list a few of what I know of or I’ve seen and experienced.

Colin Tenn Brighton

He runs his own dance classes jive and rock n roll down in Brighton with his dance partner Sue.

Brighton jive and UK Rock n roll and jive on Facebook. He has his own event Kalamazoo once a month 40s and 50s dance.

Colin also works with Dawn Gracie in Dawn’s Vintage weekender.

Colin is also a DJ at the Honey hush club and jive station.

If you cant find him on Google or Facebook find Dawn on Dawn’s vintage Do and you will find Colin.


They run classes in Sheffield and Stockport . I used to go to one of there classes for a few pound per week. You can start in basic class and work your way up you Intermediate

I started in basic then straight up to intermediate. Due to the fact my mum used to dance with me when I was younger. Mum is a great dancer she and her brother entered local competitions when they were teenagers. So as my dad had 2 left feet and she saw I had rythm she seconded me to be her partner in crime. So at an early age I picked up rock n roll which was handy for jive class.

In Blitz jive class you dont need a partner they line you up and each move you dance with a different partner. I used to go with a group of girls from work oh what fun we had. Then you can freestyle, this is where you get picked to dance by the men! When I started going I got called up to dance sometimes after a few week my feet never stopped.

Red and Ginger

Now these guys do the 40s style dance moves and a pleasure to watch. I’ve seen these guys down at Lou lous Vintage Carnival. Where they do displays in one of the tents and they do classes and get as many people involved.

Jive and Rock n roll is so energetic it burns off the calories and is a fun way to keep you fit. I cant list all the dance classes in the uk the list would be too long. So get your fingers tapping on your keyboards 😉.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Historical Fiction

I have been reading some historical family sagas similar to Catherine Cookson.

They have been based on the 20th century from 1900 to the 1970s. These are by 3 different authors Margaret Dickinson, Maureen Lee and Lyn Andrews.

Margaret Dickinson writes about sagas based in Lincolnshire but also Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. She researches the area that she will write about before she will base her story. She wrote 3 books based in Sheffield and Derbyshire. Clippie girls during World War 2, using actual streets places and events. For instance the Sheffield blitz etc by the time I had finished I felt like I had been through the war. Then I found out later a great aunt had been a clippie girl . For those of you that dont know what a clippie girl is they were tram conductors. She also wrote a book on The Buffer girls in Sheffield too and a sequel to that set in World War 2. I found out more of what buffer girls did and the little mesters of Sheffield than any museum trip in these books. For those of you who are unaware Sheffield produces Steel and during World War 2 it suffered extensive bombings. And Margeret also mentioned floods in Lincolnshire, the mills of Nottingham. She set part of one of her books out at the dams in the peak district whilst bringing into the storyline of the dam busters . I’ve now read most of her books .

Ive read a few of Lyn Andrew’s and Maureen Lee both authors base there books where they come from Liverpool. These stories are based on living on the docks of Liverpool in various decades. Mainly around the two world wars.Lynn Andrew’s and Maureen Lee’s book i feel are more gritty. Maureen Lee’s books are found on Amazon rather than the bookstores or library.

For readers that want to learn about living in the UK and the history they are a good read while learning. And I would readers from other countries would enjoy reading about British history. If you like the Peaky Blinders you will love these books.

Bye for now 💋oxo