Clarins what’s New

Clarins is a heritage brand that founded in 1954 by Jaques Courtin Clarins. There Skincare and Cosmetics is based on botanical ingredients.


In the past three years Clarins has been overalling its Skincare and Cosmetics. Rolling out new lines like Nutri lumiere for women approximately 60 + and Calming range.

There are a whole new line of Cleansers from oil to mousses to foams made with plants from the Clarins plantation in the Alps, the Domain Clarins. The only range what they kept is the Orange express range which is a personal favourite.

There are a new range of masks for oily/combination skin, dehydrated and dry skin and scubs to match.

There are 2 new eye creams, one being the double serum eye.

I’ve tried a number of these products either trial size, quarter size and full size. These are my favourites so far, I have oily/combination/sensitive skin but gets dehydrated especially in the winter

Velvet Cleanser

Sensitive foam wash.

Pure foam wash

Toner with Meadowsweet.

Hydrating scrub and mask

Calming balm with clary sage.

Hydrating foam wash

Hydrating Toner


They have rebranded and upgraded there Cosmetics in the last 3 years.

The Concealer has been improved, new Eyeshadow quartets, eyeliners and mascaras have been all changed and new ingredients formulations. Also new range of Foundations like Everlasting youth fluid. New blusher range. And lip colours added in the popular Lip perfector now in darker shades.

They are currently upgrading the powders.and bringing out lip oils in the spring. As well as a new aroma perfume Eau Exraordinare.

So far I have tried the new Everlasting Concealer you only need the tiniest amount at it spreads easily, blends well and concealers any imperfections. A tube would last you a long time so its worth the money.

And the new waterproof eyeliner. It glided on with no dragging and stayed on all day without transferring onto the eyelid.

Clarins Cosmetics have been always been about putting skin care ingredients into there Cosmetics and the anti pollution formula. Look online for skin benefits of ingredients of each product.

The reason I started using Clarins Cosmetics is because I often had flare ups and break outs with certain brands of makeup. I got fed up of battling with these break outs and in the nineties there weren’t many brands that were hypoallergenic. I also wore contact lenses so eye products had to be safe to use around the eyes. In case any filiments dropped into the eye. I’ve always bought my clarins products when I can afford it, need a replacement or with money gifted to me. And when I’ve worn my Clarins makeup I’ve always had compliments how nice and natural it looks.

Currently we are living in society in the UK where making ends meet. So if your interested in Clarins do ask at there counter for samples try before you buy to see if it suits you. And do what I have done just buy what you need to replace when you can afford it. Clarins products do last a long time and have a good shelf life so it sometimes works out cheaper in the long haul. is one of the website addresses to look at but the website is easy to find on Google.

I hope you found this article useful. And feel free to ask me questions on my thoughts of the products I’ve tried.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer items were purchased by my own monies

Spring/Summer Perfume

During the spring and summertime I do love a fresh perfume, something lemony, tropical, the smell of flowers , it has to be light and not heavy .These are some of my favourites.

Most of these fragrances can be found on there own websites, websites such as Debenhams etc or specialist websites such as Escentual or Look Fantastic.

Clarins Eau Dynamisante £26 for 100ml

The original perfume from Clarins. A unisex perfume in the Red bottle. It has a fresh lemon scent with patchouli and ginzeng perfect for the day or evening.Can be worn in the sun will not effect tanning. This is also a treatment fragrance.

Clarins Eau Jardin £26.00 for 100ml

Comes in a yellow/pink bottle and smells of fruit zest,rose and wood.It is longer lasting than Eau Dymansante so its perfect for the evenings.Can be worn in the sun also.

Nuxe Sun Delicious Fragrant water £14.00 for 30ml

This coconut based perfume with orange and tiare is so lovely for days in the sun. But you could wear it in the evenings.Its also reasonably priced and comes in 2 sizes . The bottle it comes in remind you of the sun and sea with the yellow and the blue. Check out Nuxe site or Escentual, French Pharmacy or Look fantastic for prices and availability online.

Clinique Happy £39.10 for 100ml

This is another fresh lemon smell with flowers infused into the aroma suitable for day or evening. A classic perfume and easily available online.

DKNY Woman eau de toilette £30 for 100ml

Another citrus floral perfume but with a touch of vodka very similar to Clinique Happy. Another anytime perfume. This bottle is funky its a twisted elongated square bottle. Had many compliments whilst wearing this.

Roger and Gallet Neroli Facetie de Cologne £25.50

This was a gifted sample from Escentual website. The perfume is orange blossom based with Neroli so fresh and lasts all day and well into the evening. Roger and Gallet are perfume specialist This perfume i would purchase from the escentual website in the future.

I hope you find this a useful read. I have tried to give a variety of price, include treatment perfumes and to wear either day or evening.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer products were bought by my own monies.

Looking Forward 2021

Well its been a while since I last posted.

This is because in October my dad was admitted to hospital. He passed away in the beginning of November 4 days short of his 81st birthday.

So I have been looking after my mum, sorting out the funeral arrangements and the finances for her.

Not only have we had to deal with this and its harder and slower process with the Covid.

But in the 1st lockdown we lost my mums brother too.

Hopefully 2021 will bring and end to the Coronavirus . But we can live in hope that at some point there will be normality.

I’m not making any resolutions I’m taking 1 day at a time after having a very quiet Christmas.

But I will try to write when I can.

I do read everyone’s articles when I can which I enjoy.

I wish everyone a better New Year and hope for 2021. Xx

Bye for now 💋oxo

Chapel Saint Leonards

About a month ago mum decided to make a put to book a Caravan again at Chapel st Leonards. With the lockdown we were going stir crazy and a caravan break was ideal and safe. My dad had been stuck indoors for 6 months only escaping to the garden. So mum booked the 6 birth disabled Gold standard Caravan. For those you outside the UK Chapel St Leonards, is a small seaside village north of Skegness, on the flat Lincolnshire coast, on the east side of the UK.

We went to Merryfield park across the road from the pub which we sat outside one night. The Caravan had 2 bedrooms and plenty of space in both of them. A bathroom designed as a wet room. A galley kitchen leading to a sitting dining area. A verandah outside with a ramp.

My nephew came with us to push his grandad around in the wheelchair. He slept on the sofa at night as he was too long for the beds!!!

The local shops were so organised and the restaurants too. Before you went in each shop or takeaway it was mask on and antibacterial gel supplied.

Restaurants and pubs you signed into and masks were on to you sat down along with sanitizer at the door.

We went to a local restaurant called JWs which was smashing we all ate different meals and everyone enjoyed theres. Also we went to the Lakeside cafe and had breakfast one time sat by the Lake. And we had takeaways from the local chinese and chip shops, which were beautiful with big portions.

The beach was lovely it looked like desert. And people were walking on the promenade. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

We fell lucky that week with the weather in the 20c all week it was like and indian summer so sunny and we got some colour.

My dads mood improved, he stayed awake all day as he didn’t want to miss anything.He exercised with his frame. He ate much better trying to eat all his meals .And we got him out in the fresh air seeing people. Popping a visor on him before we entered the shops. It gave him some normality.

Mum and I enjoyed a game of bingo we signed into the amusements. Each bingo station was sanitized down after each use. It was do well organized.

We didn’t want to come home and hopefully we can go back next year. Hopefully the Covid will be controlled by then

The beach
The Lakeside Cafe

I hope you enjoyed the read and it shows we can live in this new world. Hopefully everything will turn a corner eventually.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Surviving Lockdown and coming out of it

A couple of weeks ago I went to the city centre to the bank. I had not been for a least four months. Mask ready I jumped on the bus and gave him the correct cash. There were seat allocations on the bus seats so at least half the number of passengers are allowed on each deck. I had heard my bus stop had been diverted for the journey back. So I asked the bus driver who was very helpful where to get the bus back. The journey wasn’t long or congested due to the less traffic in town. I was surprised how many people were around .We queued orderly outside the bank and one of the workers was seeing what you need to go in for. This was to speed up the queue and save people waiting unnecessarily long. All this was civilised and brilliantly done it didn’t take long to get my things sorted. I needed some cash changed so I popped in the pound shop next door. In the UK our poundshops are popular all sorts of household items at low prices. I bought a pastry brush I needed and got my bank note changed for the bus. Because here in the UK you need the correct change or use contact less. I walked down for the bus taking in some air as the mask was getting on my nerves. So I had enough for one day and was surprised the bus was in and get straight home. I felt that everything in town was Alien to me how much we take for granted and what is the new normal!

I’ve started visiting the Costa when I can that’s local to me. I think it’s a good step to get back to normality. If there is a queue i patiently wait, I get my mask ready to slip on. I suffer with Asthma so i try to limit the use of my mask i much prefer the visor when i can. Only 2 customers at a time at the counter so to limit infection. There were queue pushers one time who ended up supervised by a floor worker!Theres a alcohol rub as you enter but I prefer to use my own. Service is quick as possible then find a seat where your allowed . As all tables are signed to which your allowed to sit in. This month to encourage us to eat out again everything is half price, a government initiative I believe. So my pot of tea and flap Jack only £1.55. So at the table you can slip of your mask eat and drink watch the world go by and answer your emails. Feel the normality for a while bliss.

I went to the hairdressers after 4 months with no cut. My fringe was down to my mouth nearly. I managed not to cut it myself as it’s a sweeping fringe. We waited outside until we were called in. Had temperature done and used alcohol rub before shown to the seat and I wore a mask. I had my own screened of area to sit in.My hairdresser had the full regalia on apron, gloves, mask, visor. It must be hard work and uncomfortable for them to work in. My hairdresser had to clean client area before and after used. So after washing my hair she cleaned the area after making me comfortable. Before she commenced cutting, drying and styling my hair. Which was an hour of bliss. It was all one to one in looking after me. My length needed a good 2 inch off and looked better after the cut and I could see where I was going instead of pinning back all my fringe. I found I could deal with situation well I got a taxi there and back too. I think because it was a familiar face in a familiar setting helped despite the methods we had to go to to get the job done. And my hair styled and cut while wearing a mask was just as good as if it wasn’t in a lockdown ease up. Looking forward to my next appointment.

So what’s the normal in your city, town or village these days? What makes you anxious while your out? I would love to here from you.

Bye for now 💋 oxo

Update Vintage Events 2020 Uk

Due to Coronavirus and Government guidelines I have found out and completed a quick update for you.

Chrich Tramway Museum is reopening 11.7.20

Beamish Museum is re opening 23.7.20

The Festival of Vintage East is cancelled in September.

The Vintage Carnival have just announced on 30.7.20 there September Carnival is cancelled. Re scheduled for May 2021.

It’s a little disappointing for some who enjoy the carnivals. But next year we have something to look forward to as Festival of Vintage have rebooked the next year. And if this Coronavirus is controlled everyone can go to the events safely whilst enjoying all the facilities and fun there.

Better be safe than sorry. Stay safe everyone.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Vintage Update

Hi this is a quick post just too let you know what I’ve learned lately in the vintage world.

Sadly because of the Coronavirus some of the Festvals have been cancelled this year. The festivals are the ones I have mentioned in a earlier blog. These are Vintage Carnival, Dawn’s Vintage Do, Festival of Vintage and Twinwood

The Festival of Vintage York hosted a Virtual carnival online. They may do the same for September I’m still waiting to hear if the September carnival as been officially cancelled.

Lou Louis vintage fairs are going virtual I dont know yet if the Vintage Carnival, in September has been cancelled and going virtual yet. When these festivals are virtual it means the traders are selling online through the festival Facebook site etc.

Dawn’s Vintage Do has definitely been cancelled as the holiday village where it is as cancelled it.

Twinwood has been cancelled too.

The museums Chrich, Beamish and Kelham are still temporarily closed. But they are waiting for government guidance to reopen.

Although these events are shut it’s for our own safety so we can go again in the future.

Lindy Bop as gone into administration in April. Which I feel sad for as people are now out of work. I loved there clothes and it was there company I first tried for vintage repro.

People are selling there pieces secondhand on Facebook sites . And I recently sold a Lindy Bop top and skirt on ebay.

I hope the above information is useful and hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel eventually. Do ask me any questions if you need anymore information.

Keep going and carry on. Stay Calm and keep safe xx

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid to promote any company mentioned in the article.

Coronavirus part 2

Since I last wrote a piece on the Coronavirus some developments have happened some good and a bad development.

Just before lockdown my uncle was in palliative care in a nursing home in the Manchester area. It appears he had a stroke then pneumonia. As we were allowed to visit. My mum was unable to see her brother due to looking after my father who has severe Parkinsons disease. So I was despatched in her place as I been over before to see him there. I met my aunt in Manchester Piccadilly station ,she had travelled in from Leeds ,where the rest of mums family live. We went together and got to see him as lockdown was a week later. 2 weeks after we saw him he passed away he was 76. He had lived in the nursing home for a number of years and the staff loved him. So because of lockdown none of the family could attend the funeral as we would have gone across county which wasn’t allowed. The funeral home helped mum organise the funeral. And lots of the care home staff attended the funeral and had a wake for him at the home. We were grateful as we couldn’t attend. We intend to see the care workers when restrictions are lifted. I will miss my uncle he was a character, he was ex army and used to box for the regiment he was in.

As for the shopping after speaking to the Gp in a phone call I was able to get online shopping from Iceland. And the pharmacy are delivering my prescription.

I bought myself a mask online and I look like Darth Vader or a bank robber, Ha ha .But if I go on public transport I will need a mask and the right amount of money.

Well as I live in a flat I have had walks around the local green areas. And talking to neighbours at a distance to keep my sanity.

How are you folks all doing?

Bye for now 💋oxo

Lockdown tag

Hello guys!

Since the whole world is under lockdown due to Corona virus, all we can do is stay positive and stay safe at home. Let’s take a moment to pray for those who’ve been affected by Corona virus.

Be positive and positive things will happen.

We all are bored at home. So, I wanted to do a fun tag so that we can stay positive and happy in this situation. I have curated few questions. You will surely enjoy answering them.


1.Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2.Answer blogger’s questions.

3.Nominate other bloggers.

Started by Manaswi Tanwar The Glitter Rebel, Thank you.


1.Which country do you live in? Uk

2.Favorite book? Lindsey Kelk I Heart Series

3.How do you spend your time during lockdown? Cleaning, sorting, blogging, watching tv, reading

4.Have you tried cooking a new dish because of lockdown? If yes, share the name? No

5.Early riser or Night owl? Night owl

6.Holiday dream destination?  Hawaii

7.Favorite food? Italian

8.Instagram or Twitter? Instagram.

9.Favorite cartoon as a child? Flinstones

10.What do you prefer on a Saturday night?  Watching a good film.

Any of my followers feel free to answer the questions as I don’t want to choose.


Well I’m going a bit off my usual subjects due to the Coronavirus and I’m trying my best to self isolate.

I’m finding it hard to get food in because all the delivery services are booked out it’s hard to get a slot. Before it got bad I went to my local Food Warehouse just to do my usual top up and I thought I would just get a couple of extra things. I got there usually its quiet and sedate on a Monday morning and I’m a regular there the staff know me. It was full of people at 11am in the morning, shelves were decimated the tinned food, the toilet roll etc. The week before I went on a toilet roll hunt as I was down to my last one, it took 3 shops before I could buy any!! Food warehouse as only got there usual top up supply at present and advertising for extra staff. The following week I went in they have rationed certain items good for them.

The Coop have tried to keep on top of things to my local one is now shutting early to stock the shelves, good idea.

But the main supermarkets need to sort themselves out, priority delivery for the, elderly, vulnerable and pregnant women. And extra supplies in. As well as more staff to deliver and stock shelves.

I’m in a predicament I’m classed as vulnerable due to a health condition and I can’t get anything ordered yet. So I’m being sensible early morning shopping when I need food and my medication. Wrapping my scarf round my face to decrease infection.

As a former NHS worker washing your hands is the best form of infection control. Gel rub is good but dont overuse it as it contains Alcohol and can dry your hands and cause cracks in the skin, which infection can get into. Just use it when you cant use soap and water. And if your skin is sensitive use a gentle soap. Using hand cream a couple of times a day will help your hands if they start to dry and crack.

I’ve been doing a lot of disinfecting and cleaning important if your sharing a house with others. Areas I have concentrated on is bathroom, kitchen, door handles and light switches.

I have done the odd shift in the past with the Infectious disease unit at the local Hospital and my mate worked there. A great bunch of people who work hard. So at this time I think of them. They took in 2 patients from a cruise ship it was on the national news. And its the regional centre for infectious diseases, the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. I worked on the unit when it was based at the Lodge Moor Hospital which was a Isolation hospital built in the 19th century. How times change, now its flattened and there is a new expensive housing estate built on the grounds.

Hope you find this article useful or interesting. Keep safe.

Bye for now 💋oxo