Contact lenses make up guide

When I started using contact lenses I was advised to use make up labelled ophthalmology tested, hypoallergenic and safe for contact wearers.

I used Almay for a few years from Boots in the UK, as it also suited my sensitive skin. However, Boots stopped supplying this brand .I also tried Boots Sensique range which was more affordable at the time, then they discontinued the range. So as I started using Clarins for my face sensitivity I asked them about eye makeup if it was safe for lens wearers etc and I always have used it since when wearing lenses.

I have used other eye makeup brands with no lenses in. But I have had sensitivity difficulties with certain brands.

Bare Minerals

This is a general guide for contact lens wearers.

Wash your hands before inserting lenses. And insert lenses and leave them to settle before applying make up.

Use an eye primer to keep shadow liners in place.

Avoid getting make up on inner eyelids.

Replace mascara regularly and keep brushes clean.

Dont apply makeup on the go to avoid eye injuries and make up all over eye and lens.

Use daily lenses if possible or keep traditional lenses clean.

Dont share make up to avoid cross infection.

Dont use eye make up that contains oil. Oil and water dont mix and it could cause lens to cloud.

Avoid lash extending mascara they have micro flakes that get into your eyes.

Use powders and mascara that are Hypoallergenic because fibres can fall into eyes. And if it’s not Hypoallergenic it can cause discomfort and infections.

Make sure cream eyeshadow is water based to avoid getting oil into the eye.

Remove lenses before taking off makeup.

If you looking online or in the shops it should say on the packaging its Hypoallergenic, safe for contact lenses or ophthalmology tested. So if it’s not a brand not listed here, do check out other brands on the packaging. As since I started wearing lenses more brands have become contact lens friendly.

Here’s a list of brands but not all of them.


Bare minerals


Burts bees


Giorgio Armani beauty

Jane Iredale

Physicians Formula


I hope this information as been useful for you and helpful.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for this article by any brands.

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