Antique Sheffield

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Sheffield is an old industrial city in South Yorkshire previously a steel city, and still produces a small amount of steel.

There are 2 areas in Sheffield to visit apart from the museums. If either your into Antiques or into vintage living.

There is the Antique Quarter, that covers the areas of Abbeydale, London Road, Heeley Bottom, south of the city. Drew Pritchard , the antique dealer as frequented this area, to find objects to restore.

At Heeley Retail Park there is the Sheffield Auction Gallery. On Broadfied Road the Sheffield Antiques Centre and nearby the Sheffield Antiques Emporium, on Queens Road is the Heeley Bank Antiques Centre with it’s own tea room.

There are a scattering of smaller antique shops in the area of London Road and Abbeydale.

If you want something to eat and drink theres a cafe in the Hagglers corner,across from Heeley Bank Antiques Centre. Or if you like the 60s vibe there is the Okeh Cafe on Abbeydale Road. Further down Abbeydale Road there are 3 vintage tearooms for afternoon tea:- Jamiesons, Tea with Percie, and The Vintage Tearooms.

If you fancy a vintage hairstyle there Bombshell on Nether Edge Road. And in Hagglers Corner, Gypsy Rose salon.

Kelham Island area is just outside the city centre, towards the north of the city. It is a Industrial area. There is the Kelham Island Museum,which I have mentioned in another blog. There are a few places to visit in the area Kelham Island Brewary, a number of local pubs.

There are a number of retail units Kelham Flea antique store and also 2020 Kelham, which sells antique furniture.

Eating the are number of local cafes, Peddlers Market a monthly foodie event.

In Kelham Arcade, there is a bakery/eatery, Nether Edge Pizza company and Cheesemasters .

Also in the arcade is Purdys hairdressers, which specialise in vintage styles in a vintage style salon.

So there is plenty to do in Sheffield if Vintage is your vice.

Please Google the places I’ve mentioned and do visit if you live in the county or neighbouring counties.

Hope you find this information useful.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I’ve not been paid any monies for this article

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