Well I’m going a bit off my usual subjects due to the Coronavirus and I’m trying my best to self isolate.

I’m finding it hard to get food in because all the delivery services are booked out it’s hard to get a slot. Before it got bad I went to my local Food Warehouse just to do my usual top up and I thought I would just get a couple of extra things. I got there usually its quiet and sedate on a Monday morning and I’m a regular there the staff know me. It was full of people at 11am in the morning, shelves were decimated the tinned food, the toilet roll etc. The week before I went on a toilet roll hunt as I was down to my last one, it took 3 shops before I could buy any!! Food warehouse as only got there usual top up supply at present and advertising for extra staff. The following week I went in they have rationed certain items good for them.

The Coop have tried to keep on top of things to my local one is now shutting early to stock the shelves, good idea.

But the main supermarkets need to sort themselves out, priority delivery for the, elderly, vulnerable and pregnant women. And extra supplies in. As well as more staff to deliver and stock shelves.

I’m in a predicament I’m classed as vulnerable due to a health condition and I can’t get anything ordered yet. So I’m being sensible early morning shopping when I need food and my medication. Wrapping my scarf round my face to decrease infection.

As a former NHS worker washing your hands is the best form of infection control. Gel rub is good but dont overuse it as it contains Alcohol and can dry your hands and cause cracks in the skin, which infection can get into. Just use it when you cant use soap and water. And if your skin is sensitive use a gentle soap. Using hand cream a couple of times a day will help your hands if they start to dry and crack.

I’ve been doing a lot of disinfecting and cleaning important if your sharing a house with others. Areas I have concentrated on is bathroom, kitchen, door handles and light switches.

I have done the odd shift in the past with the Infectious disease unit at the local Hospital and my mate worked there. A great bunch of people who work hard. So at this time I think of them. They took in 2 patients from a cruise ship it was on the national news. And its the regional centre for infectious diseases, the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. I worked on the unit when it was based at the Lodge Moor Hospital which was a Isolation hospital built in the 19th century. How times change, now its flattened and there is a new expensive housing estate built on the grounds.

Hope you find this article useful or interesting. Keep safe.

Bye for now 💋oxo

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