Festivals 2021 – 2022 UK.

A quick post to inform you that some of the Festivals are opening this year and next year. Festival of Vintage is mainly indoor but that is next year.

But Goodwood and Twinwood and Vintage Carnival is mainly outdoor.

Just visit the website of the various events for more information. I will give you the dates and places.

There are more much smaller events in the UK which I have not listed.

But I thought I would inform you of these more well known events. In case anyone would like to go. It depends on your circumstances. Personally I may wait until next year as I have medical problems.

Vintage Carnival

4th September Colwick Park Nottingham

Update 17.8.21 Postponed until 7 May 2022


27th August – 30th August Bedford

Goodwood Revival

17th – 19th September Goodwood Chichester

Festival of Vintage

4th and 5th December 2021 Vintage Christmas York Racecourse

30th April – 1st May 2022 York Racecourse

💋Bye for now oxo

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