1950s Make up look

1950s Make up was simple no contouring highlighting etc. Just a matte face, simple eyes and red or pink lips. Think Marilyn Monroe , Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

This is my take on 50s make up.

Make up used :


Clarins everlasting foundation SP15 colour 107

Benefit Boing Concealer 01

Benefit stay don’t stray eye primer light/ medium

Clarins mineral loose powder 02 medium

Clarins Blush Prodige 05 Rosewood


Estee Lauder sugar cube white highlighter

Clarins the essential eyeake up palette in neutral

Beige for Transition colour

Matte Brown for crease.

Laura Geller Inkredible eyeliner in Blackbird.

Clarins supra volume mascara intense black.


Clarins lip liner in Roseberry

Clarins water lipstain in red

Laura Geller clear lip gloss City lights.

Bye for now 💋Oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for this article. And the cosmetics used are all my own.

14 thoughts on “1950s Make up look

  1. Beautiful – I love simple make-up routines. Just a little blush, a little mascara, and a touch-up on the brows and I’m off to the home office to work. My youngest spent her first year in college with AH’s classic look – the period where her eyebrows were thick and the cat-eye make-up.

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      1. I’ve tried the look too – it seems to work best on eyes that haven’t succumbed to years of gravity 😉
        Yes, she had a wonderful time. She has since ditched that much make-up, it doesn’t fit her lifestyle of hiking and camping. Less is more in her opinion too.

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      2. I think we need to get out and get vitamin d as much as we can without getting sunburnt. I take vitamin d as well due to my Thyroid affecting my bones . No problem in buying some if you live in Wisconsin long winters there. The scientists are looking into it helping against coronavirus !

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