Winter Clothing

Hell Bunny Wendi Cardigan £20.99
Hell Bunny Charlie Denim Capris £30.99
Collectif Mainline Doleres Blackwatch Check Top £25.00

Hi there just thought I would jump online to show you some ideas for Winter vintage dressing. There are loads of warm clothing to choose from day looks,evening dressing and warm coats, to keep the cold at bay. Above are day looks while you out of to work or shopping. I picked the Wendi cardigan as its plain and comes in a variety of colours which will go with anything. But most of the cardigans on these websites have some seasonal patterns and motifs on them.

Lady Vintage London Winter Wonderland Hepburn Dress £55.00

Above a lovely Christmas style evening dress from Lady Vintage .

Also check out Lindy Bop site for some classy evening dresses. I have tried to upload photos but the Lindy Bop site makes it difficult but try the link below. They also do some lovely accessories too.

Lulu Hun Tracey High Heel £43.75

Collectif Lulu Hun Selma Half Boot £60.50

Both Collectif Lulu Hun range and Lindy Bop make lovely shoes for both day and evening. Lindy Bop also sell selected Joe Browns shoes too.

Hell Bunny Elvira Evening Coat £112.99

Both Collectif and Hell Bunny sell some very glamorous and stunning evening coats. That will be used for many occasions and timeless.

Dont forget you can buy your accessories on these sites too. Hats,scarves gloves to keep you snug and warm. As well as your boots and bags.

I hope I have given you some cool ideas for winter😉.


Bye for now💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for advertising these companies.

7 thoughts on “Winter Clothing

  1. Oh, my, gosh…I love those outfits. I don’t have a cardigan with short sleeves. Or dresses like that. I’ve always loved blue/green plaid. But those red shoes…………………….I love them! When I went shoe shopping locally (since I never buy online after getting the ugliest shoes ever) the store didn’t have any fun red shoes like that. You’ve shared such great options, thank you for the tips!

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    1. Hi Shelley Lindy Bop has a USA sit as well as a UK site which will be cheaper on shipping costs. I’ve just checked it out and some of the shoes they sell are Joe Browns too. I know they sell them on the UK site so they must import them to the US as well to sell them on the USA site. Just google Lindy Bop USA. They got some lovely evening dresses and accessories too Xx


      1. Oh, my, goodness…it’s like a fun Pinterest page!! I need to bookmark it so I can review it again this weekend when I have more time. Thank you for the suggestion!!!

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