Plus size and Thyroid issues

Hi the other night I was watching TV when a journalist was spouting about Nike. Accusing them of making money out of plus size and promoting over weight women

I dont think that I think Nike are encouraging plus size women to keep there weight. I feel they are promoting these women to keep fit and exercise in the gym . There are plus size models who go to the gym and one I follow springs to mind. I think that Nike are keeping plus size women inclusive to excercise and fitness.

12 years ago I was a size 16/14 ,9 and half stone maintained my weight well. I used to go swimming in 30 minutes i swam 20 lengths, go to Jive class and be dancing all the night.

I started gaining weight off I went to weight watchers first I started losing the weight and then gained ,yet I was following the diet. So I tried Slimming world with no luck. But there were other things to going off with my body a reflux, tiredness , aching muscles brittle bones, sudden sweats, skin with open pores like orange peel, dry hair flushing of the skin. I even increased my walking and went to aqua aerobics to try and battle the weight.

I knew something was up I was in and out of the gps. I was prescribed diet pills to see a physio until one gp suddenly put the jigsaw together sent me for blood tests and xrays.

It turned out I had an overactive Thyroid a rare type as 10% of people with overactive Thyroid put on weight! I also had borderline Graves disease.

During this period I often got bullied at work and received no sympathy they thought I wasn’t dieting properly. I left that workplace before I got a diagnosis. Also I was stood at the bus stop one day when I received abuse from a man in a passing car. I was in tears when I got to my parents. I have suffered not just with my health but my psychological well being with this Thyroid issue. And after seeing this journalist spout off i felt the need to write this post.And i want to make people aware that Thyroid is a life threatening disease.

Through my diagnosis i have found i had fast heart beat and blood pressure and i was high risk for heart attack or stroke. My bones were brittle and my muscles were wasting away. The hot sweats i suffered was because i couldn’t control my body temperature as my thyroid wasn’t working properly. And that also caused the weight gain. I now suffer from Asthma as a result of the reflux.

Since treatment Thyroxine and other medications for the rest of my life and Isotope treatment. I have found some of the symptoms are better but not all. I still have to find employment which is not to physical, I have to be careful I dont overdo excercise and I have found out I’m now can be classed as having a disability.

So please think on if you see someone plus size and please be kind.

My blogs are to help those who suffer and give confidence and self worth back. Just because your plus size doesn’t mean you dont have to look nice.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for advertising Nike in this post.

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