Nailing It

When I was suffering badly from Thyroid problems my nails suffered too. The nail ends were raggedy, nails ridged, they broke easily. Before the Thyroid problems the nails grew long and strong. I had Hypocalcemia which is calcium m deficiency, which was caused by an overactive Thyroid which prevented the absorbtion of calcium in my body. Another area of my body affected was my knee bones which became brittle. The Dr also prescribed me Vit D to build up bones and nails which you can buy in pharmacy.

I tried a number of nail treatments for my nails to restregthen them. These were the best I found.

Leighton Denny

Renovate Nail Repair £12.00 a cream and a buffer. This is ideal for carers or nurses who can’t wear polish at work. Instructions come with the kit, but it involves rubbing the cream into the nails and buffing. The results were brilliant.

Crystal Nail Files

The rolls Royce of nail files prevents splitting of the nails while filing. Leighton Denny Small £12.50 Large £17.00. These will last you a lifetime. Do look on his website these are also available at online stores and Amazon.

Now when you get your Nails strong you will want to make them glam. My go to was Nails Inc who do a wonderful choices of Polish.

Nails Inc

Base Coat £15 there are number of choices, cavier, vegan and nailkale are included.

Top Coat £15 which includes a vegan version.

Lookout on the website for mini sets for £9.00

Nail Polish starts from £9.00 and look out for sets on the websites too,which are great value. There are so many Trend choices including vegan and magnet effect. Nails Inc are constantly updating there polishes.

They also do a Vit E pen for cuticles which you can carry in your handbag for £10.00.

Nail Polish Removers both Nails Inc and Leighton Denny do great removers.

Leighton Denny £6.00

Nails Inc £6.00 which comes in a sponge pot which you dip your finger in great for travelling.

Nails Inc polish £9

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer producis bought by my own monies.

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