A good cleanse

This past year I’ve used 5 different cleansers for my sensitive skin . I also have oily combination skin.The prices vary so they can suit someone whose on a tight budget.

First up Garnier Miceller water originalThis comes in a variety of sizes from £1 travel size to £7 jumbo size. It’s cheap cheerful and goes a long way. It’s great for taking off make up and a light cleanse. Takes most of the grease of and does the job. Does not irritate my skin.Now comes in a variety of combinations. Including one with oil but I found that too oily. A regular repurchase great for travel.

Simple moisturizing facial wash£2-3 depending where you shop doesnt irritate as its ingredients are carefully chosen not to irritate skin. Did not irritate my skin but I found it drying so only used the tiniest amount. Comes in a plastic tube so great for travelling but it only appears to be purchased at 150ml size. Lasts months but I wouldn’t repurchase due to tightness on the skin after use.

Liz Earle Cleanse and PolishThe infamous best seller. Comes with a cloth I didnt use,prefer a flannel. Standard size £15. Pros its lovely creamy and doesnt irritate the skin. It removes make up well. Cons I dont like the smell of eucalyptus and cocoa butter blended together. And it only lasted 2 months as it has a pre regulated pump dispenser. But you can also buy it in the tube version. They do special editions where they change the fragrance. Would I repurchase yes but only on special edition if I thought I would like the fragrance.

Clarins one step orange cleanser

This is an biphasic with oil cleanser you shake before use. I bought this when it first ever came out. It was phased out but brought back with customer satisfaction and demand. If used on a daily basis twice will last about 3 months . Its £21 more expensive than other brands but it could be used for make up removal. The oil in doesnt make your skin greasy or feel greasy when used. In winter it helps moisturize the skin. It’s a better oil mix than the Garnier one. It really deep cleanses the skin as well as remove make up. It’s been a firm favourite of mine for over 10 years I cant say anymore .

Clarins Foaming Cottonseed Cleanser

This is brilliant use this with water. No tightness on my skin deep cleanses a tube of this used twice daily for a deep cleanse lasted me 6 months. Yes its £20 but if it lasts for 6 months and you can afford it splurge. The ingredients in Clarins skincare is well researched and there reputation for skincare is on the high scale.You can try it as they do samples on Clarins counter as there are a variety of these facial washes so you can try the one best for your skin. I’ve not found any cons only it might be pricey.If price is a problem look at the myclarins range cleansers around £15 and although its directed towards teenagers anyone can use the range cleansers.

These are the cleansers I’ve used this year and I will probably do another review sometime with different products when I can. I think personally use what suits you and your pocket. I use Garnier when the budget is tight and if I can I use Clarins because it never causes break outs and is kind to my skin. I’ve used Clarins for 28 years after trying many different brands.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer brands mentioned I have trialled myself and are based on my opinion. I have not been paid by companies mentioned.

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