Festivals 2021 – 2022 UK.

A quick post to inform you that some of the Festivals are opening this year and next year. Festival of Vintage is mainly indoor but that is next year.

But Goodwood and Twinwood and Vintage Carnival is mainly outdoor.

Just visit the website of the various events for more information. I will give you the dates and places.

There are more much smaller events in the UK which I have not listed.

But I thought I would inform you of these more well known events. In case anyone would like to go. It depends on your circumstances. Personally I may wait until next year as I have medical problems.

Vintage Carnival

4th September Colwick Park Nottingham

Update 17.8.21 Postponed until 7 May 2022


27th August – 30th August Bedford

Goodwood Revival

17th – 19th September Goodwood Chichester

Festival of Vintage

4th and 5th December 2021 Vintage Christmas York Racecourse

30th April – 1st May 2022 York Racecourse

💋Bye for now oxo

Spring/Summer Perfume

During the spring and summertime I do love a fresh perfume, something lemony, tropical, the smell of flowers , it has to be light and not heavy .These are some of my favourites.

Most of these fragrances can be found on there own websites, websites such as Debenhams etc or specialist websites such as Escentual or Look Fantastic.

Clarins Eau Dynamisante £26 for 100ml

The original perfume from Clarins. A unisex perfume in the Red bottle. It has a fresh lemon scent with patchouli and ginzeng perfect for the day or evening.Can be worn in the sun will not effect tanning. This is also a treatment fragrance.

Clarins Eau Jardin £26.00 for 100ml

Comes in a yellow/pink bottle and smells of fruit zest,rose and wood.It is longer lasting than Eau Dymansante so its perfect for the evenings.Can be worn in the sun also.


Nuxe Sun Delicious Fragrant water £14.00 for 30ml

This coconut based perfume with orange and tiare is so lovely for days in the sun. But you could wear it in the evenings.Its also reasonably priced and comes in 2 sizes . The bottle it comes in remind you of the sun and sea with the yellow and the blue. Check out Nuxe site or Escentual, French Pharmacy or Look fantastic for prices and availability online.


Clinique Happy £39.10 for 100ml

This is another fresh lemon smell with flowers infused into the aroma suitable for day or evening. A classic perfume and easily available online.


DKNY Woman eau de toilette £30 for 100ml

Another citrus floral perfume but with a touch of vodka very similar to Clinique Happy. Another anytime perfume. This bottle is funky its a twisted elongated square bottle. Had many compliments whilst wearing this.

Roger and Gallet Neroli Facetie de Cologne £25.50

This was a gifted sample from Escentual website. The perfume is orange blossom based with Neroli so fresh and lasts all day and well into the evening. Roger and Gallet are perfume specialist This perfume i would purchase from the escentual website in the future.


I hope you find this a useful read. I have tried to give a variety of price, include treatment perfumes and to wear either day or evening.

Bye for now 💋oxo


Nuxe was founded by Aliza James in 1991.It started with the Prodigeuse oil she blended together.

Nuxe Prodigeuse Oil 50ml £18.50

Can be used in the hair,face and body. Comes in 4 versions,original, floral, extra rich and a shimmer version.

I had a sample sent me as a Thank you on a purchase from Escentual.com . It was the original version.

I used it in the hair first I put it in and let it soak in for a few hours before I washed it. My hair was lovely and silky when I dried it. I also tried it again when I washed it I put it on before I dried it. It looked lovely after very groomed and soft. But my hair needed washing the day after. My hair type is fine but gets oily quickly. So I stuck to using it pre wash. I think this would be useful for people who have very dry hair. Personally I would use as I occasionally as a treatment.

I also used it on the face but I prefer my Clarins Lotus oil. But it is a dry oil so can be used on the face if your not used to facial oils. And this oil could be used under make up. Facial oils if you have never used them are heavy and absorb slowly into the skin. They are are known to help with anti ageing.

I used the oil on the body which I loved and you can put your clothes on straight away after as its a dry oil. The oil is lovely earthy fragrance.

Nuxe Very Rose Soothing Miceller Water 200ml £15.50

A lovely fresh cleanser which is for using in a rush taking of your make up before a second cleanse.

Loved the Rose fragrance which is very subtle. Excellent for sensitive skin. Used it to take make up off and as a first cleanse. 200ml lasts you a long time too so fairly economical lasted me 4 months.

Very Rose Peeling Lotion 150ml £19.50

Also from the Very Rose collection. A very gentle acid exfoliator so gentle it doesn’t sting. Skin does feel smooth after I noticed the difference after a couple of uses. Great for hairline area where its hard to get into with manual exfoliators. A gel liquid formula apply with cotton wool. Ideal for sensitive skin and cheaper than most acid exfoliators.

Nuxe Sun Delicious Fragrant Water 30 ml £12.50

A gentle coconut smell in a bottle with a hint of Tiare flower. A very summery fragrance worth buying if you want to wear it in the day or night. I bought it in the smaller size to try it and I would repurchase this. Comes in a lovely bottle in sun and sand colours of blue and yellow.

I hope you enjoyed this article on Nuxe and found it useful I’ve mentioned his brand before in sensitive skin care. And I enjoy using this line.

Bye for now💋oxo

Looking Forward 2021

Well its been a while since I last posted.

This is because in October my dad was admitted to hospital. He passed away in the beginning of November 4 days short of his 81st birthday.

So I have been looking after my mum, sorting out the funeral arrangements and the finances for her.

Not only have we had to deal with this and its harder and slower process with the Covid.

But in the 1st lockdown we lost my mums brother too.

Hopefully 2021 will bring and end to the Coronavirus . But we can live in hope that at some point there will be normality.

I’m not making any resolutions I’m taking 1 day at a time after having a very quiet Christmas.

But I will try to write when I can.

I do read everyone’s articles when I can which I enjoy.

I wish everyone a better New Year and hope for 2021. Xx

Bye for now 💋oxo

Chapel Saint Leonards

About a month ago mum decided to make a put to book a Caravan again at Chapel st Leonards. With the lockdown we were going stir crazy and a caravan break was ideal and safe. My dad had been stuck indoors for 6 months only escaping to the garden. So mum booked the 6 birth disabled Gold standard Caravan. For those you outside the UK Chapel St Leonards, is a small seaside village north of Skegness, on the flat Lincolnshire coast, on the east side of the UK.

We went to Merryfield park across the road from the pub which we sat outside one night. The Caravan had 2 bedrooms and plenty of space in both of them. A bathroom designed as a wet room. A galley kitchen leading to a sitting dining area. A verandah outside with a ramp.

My nephew came with us to push his grandad around in the wheelchair. He slept on the sofa at night as he was too long for the beds!!!

The local shops were so organised and the restaurants too. Before you went in each shop or takeaway it was mask on and antibacterial gel supplied.

Restaurants and pubs you signed into and masks were on to you sat down along with sanitizer at the door.

We went to a local restaurant called JWs which was smashing we all ate different meals and everyone enjoyed theres. Also we went to the Lakeside cafe and had breakfast one time sat by the Lake. And we had takeaways from the local chinese and chip shops, which were beautiful with big portions.

The beach was lovely it looked like desert. And people were walking on the promenade. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

We fell lucky that week with the weather in the 20c all week it was like and indian summer so sunny and we got some colour.

My dads mood improved, he stayed awake all day as he didn’t want to miss anything.He exercised with his frame. He ate much better trying to eat all his meals .And we got him out in the fresh air seeing people. Popping a visor on him before we entered the shops. It gave him some normality.

Mum and I enjoyed a game of bingo we signed into the amusements. Each bingo station was sanitized down after each use. It was do well organized.

We didn’t want to come home and hopefully we can go back next year. Hopefully the Covid will be controlled by then

The beach
The Lakeside Cafe

I hope you enjoyed the read and it shows we can live in this new world. Hopefully everything will turn a corner eventually.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Surviving Lockdown and coming out of it

A couple of weeks ago I went to the city centre to the bank. I had not been for a least four months. Mask ready I jumped on the bus and gave him the correct cash. There were seat allocations on the bus seats so at least half the number of passengers are allowed on each deck. I had heard my bus stop had been diverted for the journey back. So I asked the bus driver who was very helpful where to get the bus back. The journey wasn’t long or congested due to the less traffic in town. I was surprised how many people were around .We queued orderly outside the bank and one of the workers was seeing what you need to go in for. This was to speed up the queue and save people waiting unnecessarily long. All this was civilised and brilliantly done it didn’t take long to get my things sorted. I needed some cash changed so I popped in the pound shop next door. In the UK our poundshops are popular all sorts of household items at low prices. I bought a pastry brush I needed and got my bank note changed for the bus. Because here in the UK you need the correct change or use contact less. I walked down for the bus taking in some air as the mask was getting on my nerves. So I had enough for one day and was surprised the bus was in and get straight home. I felt that everything in town was Alien to me how much we take for granted and what is the new normal!

I’ve started visiting the Costa when I can that’s local to me. I think it’s a good step to get back to normality. If there is a queue i patiently wait, I get my mask ready to slip on. I suffer with Asthma so i try to limit the use of my mask i much prefer the visor when i can. Only 2 customers at a time at the counter so to limit infection. There were queue pushers one time who ended up supervised by a floor worker!Theres a alcohol rub as you enter but I prefer to use my own. Service is quick as possible then find a seat where your allowed . As all tables are signed to which your allowed to sit in. This month to encourage us to eat out again everything is half price, a government initiative I believe. So my pot of tea and flap Jack only £1.55. So at the table you can slip of your mask eat and drink watch the world go by and answer your emails. Feel the normality for a while bliss.

I went to the hairdressers after 4 months with no cut. My fringe was down to my mouth nearly. I managed not to cut it myself as it’s a sweeping fringe. We waited outside until we were called in. Had temperature done and used alcohol rub before shown to the seat and I wore a mask. I had my own screened of area to sit in.My hairdresser had the full regalia on apron, gloves, mask, visor. It must be hard work and uncomfortable for them to work in. My hairdresser had to clean client area before and after used. So after washing my hair she cleaned the area after making me comfortable. Before she commenced cutting, drying and styling my hair. Which was an hour of bliss. It was all one to one in looking after me. My length needed a good 2 inch off and looked better after the cut and I could see where I was going instead of pinning back all my fringe. I found I could deal with situation well I got a taxi there and back too. I think because it was a familiar face in a familiar setting helped despite the methods we had to go to to get the job done. And my hair styled and cut while wearing a mask was just as good as if it wasn’t in a lockdown ease up. Looking forward to my next appointment.

So what’s the normal in your city, town or village these days? What makes you anxious while your out? I would love to here from you.

Bye for now 💋 oxo

Caroline Hirons Skincare Book

A couple of weeks ago I received Caroline’s Skincare Book. I had been excited about receiving this and I wasn’t disappointed. Its a no nonsense guide and written in the style Caroline talks.

Caroline is a lady who loves Camo,Duran Duran and Heavy Rock. She has 23 years experience in Skincare,consulting /advising for retailers and brands in the the Skincare Industry. She is a trained aesthetician and worked for top brands.

Born and raised in Liverpool and the U.S. Caroline has lived in London since the late 1980s with husband Jim and their 4 children.

The book is divided into several chapters.

The Introduction includes a explanation of how the skin works.

A Good Skin Routine chapter helps you plan the best routine for you and your lifestyle. It includes extra information on a summer and winter routine.

Skin Types and Conditions chapter helps you know the difference between skin types. And the condition of your skin resulting in lifestyle. It also shows different skin conditions such as Eczema and how to treat it.

When life Happens this chapter is all about dealing with the skin during ageing, puberty,menopause and illness.

Your Kit chapter helps you find the best products for your skin concerns and your age group. She also discusses the products she doesnt like and why.

Here’s the Thing chapter talks about myths of the industry. Caroline talks about what are the fear selling tactics of the brand.

There is also a Glossary of Terms and Brands section mentioned in the book.

I think this book is suitable for someone struggling with there skin, someone interested in Skincare and people working in the Industry. It has lots of photos in this book to show you information as you go along too. Even Dermotoligists have been impressed with this book.

At present it’s a No 1 bestseller. Its price is £20, but can be purchased cheaper in supermarkets Amazon and WHSmith in the UK.

On Caroline’s Blog it gives information on where you can buy it internationally. Caroline has a blog which started in 2010 with 120 million views.

Where to find Caroline online:-


Facebook CarolineHironsOfficial

Twitter CarolineHirons

Instagram CarolineHirons

You Tube CarolineHirons

I hope you enjoy this article and look up Caroline .Shes hard hitting down to earth and funny.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for this article . The book has been bought with my own monies.

Update Vintage Events 2020 Uk

Due to Coronavirus and Government guidelines I have found out and completed a quick update for you.

Chrich Tramway Museum is reopening 11.7.20

Beamish Museum is re opening 23.7.20

The Festival of Vintage East is cancelled in September.

The Vintage Carnival have just announced on 30.7.20 there September Carnival is cancelled. Re scheduled for May 2021.

It’s a little disappointing for some who enjoy the carnivals. But next year we have something to look forward to as Festival of Vintage have rebooked the next year. And if this Coronavirus is controlled everyone can go to the events safely whilst enjoying all the facilities and fun there.

Better be safe than sorry. Stay safe everyone.

Bye for now 💋oxo

What I’m loving right now

Well I’ve purchased some new products from my ebay sales.

Firstly, I bought a new Elomi bra as my Panache ones were worn out. I can’t get to Bravissimo for a fitting due to Covid19.Plus my nearest Bravissimo shop is over 30 miles away in Leeds. But by the way ladies Bravissimo in the UK is the best place I’ve been for a fitting. As they took there time and the bras fit like a glove, I got the Panache Envy at my last fitting which is a great bra.

My Elomi Morgan bra still fitted me well so I went for the Lydia this time. I bought it direct from there website. Look at the outlet page to on there site bras there selling of cheaper. It came in 2 days and fits so well. There bras are very sturdy but pretty.

My favourite brands are Elomi, Freya and Fantasie, which are all from the Wacoal group. And Panache a Sheffield based company that also sells in the USA I believe.

I also bought a new dress for £20 from Ruby and Daisy. They are a small boutique north of Manchester that ship internationally. Now there dresses are one size and go from a UK 8 to upto a 24. So basically you can wear the same dress if your a size 10 and your mates a size 20. Yes incredible do look at there website. One of the co owners is Antonella Brollini, who in the UK is known as Aunty Nelly the uncensored reviewer, and been a guest on ITVs This Morning programme. She was on live on the Ruby and Daisy Facebook site last week and shes says shes going to get stock in soon up to a size 32. They have there own website, Facebook and Instagram.

I bought the Bayview dress which the material feels lovely and looks flattering. I bought it in the Navy and I’m going to wear it this week in the hot weather.

Nelly in a Bayview dress

Finally I bought the small Caudalie Grape Water for £6 75ml. It is a moisturising mist/toner spray and refreshing in this hot weather. It feels great on the skin and a good buy worth it. I got it from the Escentual site I’ve mentioned before took 2 days for delivery. And I got a Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse in a mini size 10 ml and La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 mini size 3ml too for free.

I’ve used the oil on my face and hair as its multi functional and its brilliant. Not greasy on the skin it’s a dry oil. And smoothed my hair using it before washing my hair.

I’m looking forward to getting my Caroline Hirons Skincare book. I will let you know about that soon.


Ruby and Daisy http://www.rubyanddaisy.co.uk/

Elomi http://www.elomilingerie.com/

Esentual http://www.essentual.com

Bravissimo http://www.bravissimo.com

I hope you enjoyed this article.

Bye for now💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid to promote or buy any products. Products have been paid out of my own money.

Vintage Update

Hi this is a quick post just too let you know what I’ve learned lately in the vintage world.

Sadly because of the Coronavirus some of the Festvals have been cancelled this year. The festivals are the ones I have mentioned in a earlier blog. These are Vintage Carnival, Dawn’s Vintage Do, Festival of Vintage and Twinwood

The Festival of Vintage York hosted a Virtual carnival online. They may do the same for September I’m still waiting to hear if the September carnival as been officially cancelled.

Lou Louis vintage fairs are going virtual I dont know yet if the Vintage Carnival, in September has been cancelled and going virtual yet. When these festivals are virtual it means the traders are selling online through the festival Facebook site etc.

Dawn’s Vintage Do has definitely been cancelled as the holiday village where it is as cancelled it.

Twinwood has been cancelled too.

The museums Chrich, Beamish and Kelham are still temporarily closed. But they are waiting for government guidance to reopen.

Although these events are shut it’s for our own safety so we can go again in the future.

Lindy Bop as gone into administration in April. Which I feel sad for as people are now out of work. I loved there clothes and it was there company I first tried for vintage repro.

People are selling there pieces secondhand on Facebook sites . And I recently sold a Lindy Bop top and skirt on ebay.

I hope the above information is useful and hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel eventually. Do ask me any questions if you need anymore information.

Keep going and carry on. Stay Calm and keep safe xx

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid to promote any company mentioned in the article.