Vintage Style Shoes

There are many styles of vintage shoes out there some are comfortable and practical and some are dressy. There are different eras from 20s to 70s mainly depending where you shop.

Flats are better for dancing like ballet pumps with straps ,flat sandals and plimsolls especially for jive and rock n roll or just for sheer comfort.

There are a number of heel designs like courts and t-bar depending on the era 20s to 40s era heels,such as the Gatsby stylewere more sturdy than the 50s stilettos style later on.

There are many shops who specialize in vintage style shoes but looking on the high street I got my ballerina pumps.

Lindy Bop, Collectif ,JoeBowns, Banned Retro,Ruby Shoo and Irregular Choice just a few brands in the UK.

Collectif shoes do cater for many eras up to the 1980s!

You can buy directly on the website or a lot of online independent vintage clothing sites or vintage clothes shops sell these brands.

Hopefully there are plenty of choices on these sites and I hope some of these sites are available where you live.

I wrote this post due to one of my readers asking for the best shoes to go with her dress. I hope she found the perfect shoes.

My shoes

Clockwise Top Navy ballet pumps with gold trim,Deichman Joe Brown Hawaiin leather sandals, Collectif Lulu Hun Bonnie Wedges, Joe Brown Tropical Diamante Pinapple Sandals

I got the Tropical and Hawaiian styles to go with my Tiki dress and flowery dresses. The heels are the glamorous with 50s gingham and cherries which will go with my red coat dress. And the ballet shoes go with anything.

Retro style shoes

Hope you enjoyed the read and found it useful.

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Autumn Fall Dresses

Hi there I have been looking on websites for inspiration for the Autumn dresses including Halloween. I have tried to look on websites that can be bought from globally but mainly the UK. I know in the U.S.A in the Fall Halloween is really celebrated along with our friends in Canada and other countries that celebrate Halloween.Hopefully for my readers worldwide there are vintage and retro shops online that are similar to the ones I mention on here. Hopefully it will give you inspiration to find something to wear in the colder months. Although I will concentrate on dresses these websites I mention have cardigans,jumpers and trousers to look for too.


I have a couple of there items and I must say that the quality of the clothing is fantastic.

They have dresses and pinafore dresses that go up to a Uk size 24 4xl.

They specialise in 50s,Gothic,Rockabilly,Retro&Vintage .

Here is the Ricci dress if your looking for the Wednesday Addams look for Halloween. Price from £53.99 to 57.50.

Lady Vintage

I have a Lyra dress which is good quality and always looks elegant . I find this brand always has the elegance and quality and you stand out in a room in their dresses.

Below is the Estella dress £60.00 that goes up to a UK size 32 .

Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop styles are always fun tongue in cheek and I have a number of items of theres . I always find it fairly cheap and good on quality.

These are a few of there Halloween design’s. Sizes go up to a Uk 26.

Do look at there site for some lovely accessories and other designs of clothing there is a very big selection.

Collectif clothing

This company as a wide range of clothing and accessories from different decades.

Here’s the Mainline Doleres Half sleeve Dress £55.00

There sizes go up to a size UK 22.

Do have a look on these sites even if you cant get something in your size something will be available in your size.

Another site to look at is Banned Retro. They are just starting to bring out a few clothes for the Autumn /Winter . I have a couple of there cardigans and they are nice and long to go with trousers in the winter as well as warm.

I hope I have given you inspiration. Look out locally if there are any local retro shops which often stock these brands too.

Bye for now 💋oxo

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Judy’s affordable vintage fair

This last Saturday for the first time Judy’s fair came to Sheffield. They set up at Kelham Arcade Burton Street at Kelham Island,Sheffield . For those who are not from Sheffield Kelham Island is the old industrial quarter in Sheffield and house the Kelham Island museum.

It cost £3 entry and under 12s free.

It was a smaller venue and facilities than Lou Lous Vintage fair,however they created a variety of stalls. Including local companies such as Miss Samantha’s Vintage a repro dress and accessories shop.

There were womens clothes both repro and vintage,mens clothes,bric a brac, in fact I spotted a commemorative tin with Prince Philip, the Queens husband on the front! There was also furniture on sale a collection of chairs.

Food wise there were 4 different street food stands outside in the seating area. I opted for fries with rosemary salt delicious. And drinks were from the bar inside the venue draught beers and soft drinks. It was a lovely sunny day which made it all the better sat eating outside.

I would go again if they decide that it was a suitable venue .

Check out Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair and Miss Samantha’s Vintage online Facebook and Instagram.

Mens Clothes
Vintage dress
Prince Philip’s Tin
Take a seat

Bye for now 💋oxo

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Dawn’s Vintage Do – Vintage Weekender

This event is on Hayling Island at Mill Rythe Holiday Park between 4th and 7th October 2019.

Hayling Island is on the Solent across from the Isle of Wight on the South coast near Portsmouth.

Dawn Gracie has been running this successful event for 3 years now. Dawn is a vintage entertainer who is a singer at events and is involved in Burlesque. She has her own website, Facebook page and Instagram.

The Vintage weekender has a 50 and 60s night with a feature era this year it’s the 1980s. Its 3 days and nights at Mill Rythe which provides Chalet accommodation starting price £185pp which includes half board,breakfast and dinner. Book on 01442 508850 for your chalet.There is also cafe on the site for the daytime if you dont want your dinner in your own chalet.

There are plenty of activities over the weekend,dance lessons,cheeky chalet,parties,vintage market,themed activities,live bands,Beauty salon, competitions and much more.

There are the Yellowcoats David and Amy who help Dawn run the weekend with her. Yes your very own Yellow coats…Hi de hi!

There are guest bands the line up is on Facebook and Dawn’s site Dawn Gracie -Dawns Vintage Do . Check the site for bookings and information.

Colin and Sue from Brighton Jive are running loads of dance workshops over the weekend which proove very popular.

There is the crafty corner where you can learn to crochet if you wish.

Let’s not forget the Cheeky Chalet where you can have your own boudoir photo experience too.Book on arrival day for Ash Black Photography .

Travel down in the car or public travel train and bus stations not far from the Holiday site. More information on the Mill Rythe website on how to get there.

Visit Dawn’s site and Facebook Dawn Gracie-Dawns Vintage Do for more details on various events on the weekend.There are plenty of links on the Facebook pages of the groups participating with Dawn on this event such as Brighton Jive.

Also look at the Mill Rythe Holiday park website to get more information on the facilities like accommodation,food/drink and the swimming pool there.

Hope you find this post useful for those of you who fancy a weekend vintage break. It been popular and Dawn works all year to organise this event.

Bye for now💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for discussing this event.

A good cleanse

This past year I’ve used 5 different cleansers for my sensitive skin . I also have oily combination skin.The prices vary so they can suit someone whose on a tight budget.

First up Garnier Miceller water originalThis comes in a variety of sizes from £1 travel size to £7 jumbo size. It’s cheap cheerful and goes a long way. It’s great for taking off make up and a light cleanse. Takes most of the grease of and does the job. Does not irritate my skin.Now comes in a variety of combinations. Including one with oil but I found that too oily. A regular repurchase great for travel.

Simple moisturizing facial wash£2-3 depending where you shop doesnt irritate as its ingredients are carefully chosen not to irritate skin. Did not irritate my skin but I found it drying so only used the tiniest amount. Comes in a plastic tube so great for travelling but it only appears to be purchased at 150ml size. Lasts months but I wouldn’t repurchase due to tightness on the skin after use.

Liz Earle Cleanse and PolishThe infamous best seller. Comes with a cloth I didnt use,prefer a flannel. Standard size £15. Pros its lovely creamy and doesnt irritate the skin. It removes make up well. Cons I dont like the smell of eucalyptus and cocoa butter blended together. And it only lasted 2 months as it has a pre regulated pump dispenser. But you can also buy it in the tube version. They do special editions where they change the fragrance. Would I repurchase yes but only on special edition if I thought I would like the fragrance.

Clarins one step orange cleanser

This is an biphasic with oil cleanser you shake before use. I bought this when it first ever came out. It was phased out but brought back with customer satisfaction and demand. If used on a daily basis twice will last about 3 months . Its £21 more expensive than other brands but it could be used for make up removal. The oil in doesnt make your skin greasy or feel greasy when used. In winter it helps moisturize the skin. It’s a better oil mix than the Garnier one. It really deep cleanses the skin as well as remove make up. It’s been a firm favourite of mine for over 10 years I cant say anymore .

Clarins Foaming Cottonseed Cleanser

This is brilliant use this with water. No tightness on my skin deep cleanses a tube of this used twice daily for a deep cleanse lasted me 6 months. Yes its £20 but if it lasts for 6 months and you can afford it splurge. The ingredients in Clarins skincare is well researched and there reputation for skincare is on the high scale.You can try it as they do samples on Clarins counter as there are a variety of these facial washes so you can try the one best for your skin. I’ve not found any cons only it might be pricey.If price is a problem look at the myclarins range cleansers around £15 and although its directed towards teenagers anyone can use the range cleansers.

These are the cleansers I’ve used this year and I will probably do another review sometime with different products when I can. I think personally use what suits you and your pocket. I use Garnier when the budget is tight and if I can I use Clarins because it never causes break outs and is kind to my skin. I’ve used Clarins for 28 years after trying many different brands.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer brands mentioned I have trialled myself and are based on my opinion. I have not been paid by companies mentioned.


As I write this article the Twinwood event is on for the August Bank Holiday. I’ve never been here I confess but I’ve heard so much about it I think it’s only fair I write about it. As it’s based in the South and most of my events are Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Twinwood is held each year on August Bank Holiday weekend. It’s based at Clapham Bedford at the old Twinwood airfield and Arena. There are also air museums to visit on the site too. Its sold out this year but you can start booking for next year and theres a free information magazine available too.

The eras are between 1930s to 1960s. There are 15 different venues within the site including dance floors.

Theres plenty to do dancing lessons, shopping, watching the different bands on the stages, enter Mr and Mrs Vintage, go to the museums.

There is a campsite for caravans and you can pitch your own tent. If you dont have your own caravan or tent you can hire a tent. These tents are glamping tents at around £25.00 per night. But there are packages available your tent and ticket at booking.And they are introducing more accommodation with Yurts. There are facilities for the campsite electricity,toilets and showers .

Food and drink there are number of bars and restaurants. Plus somewhere you can gave a vintage afternoon tea.

This is a massive Festival probably the biggest in the year. Would I go,maybe one day as it would take some organising and money to do. As i would have to go on public transport and glamp.

You can get there on public transport train or coach but would have to get a taxi from the station. Or drive down to Twinwood.

There is the free brochure for more details or contact

Or look on social media and there Website.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for advertising Twinwood .

Vintage Victory Hair

When I went to the Festival of Vintage in York ,they have a guest hair and Beauty salon each year. So I thought why not I don’t always have the time and patience to practice vintage hair styles.

In 2018 it was Pin Up Curl ,Sarah Bloor who owns it also does Wedding hair too.

I decided on a Marilyn Monroe look. The look stayed until the next day when I put it into a scarf.

Firstly she sprayed my hair with House of Drewvid styling spray as a setting lotion on dry hair. Then got to work tonging my hair then rolling them into pin curls known as a hot set. When it cooled she undid the curls and brushed and gently back combed into place,also pinning hair to place . Used a working hair spray to set it and used a hair dryer to mold and set the hairspray. Then she finished with Kenra hairspray. We nick named it the ‘A la Marilyn ‘

A la Marilyn

In 2019 the guest salon was Le Keux Hair and Beauty. So I booked in having the hair taster half up half down. So on the day the stylist suggested Victory Rolls. Well I thought why not never tried them. So she started gently sectioning my hair. Using hairspray and back coming she rolled the 2 victory rolls up into the crown of my head. I was expecting a bit of pain with the back combing with hair spray in ,but no very gently it was done. I was surprised how good they looked on me . I left feeling confident for the rest of my day. Maybe next time I will have a full hair do.

Le Keux salon is run by Lindsey and her sister Diablo Rose in Birmingham.

Pin up Curl-Bridal &Vintage hairstyling

Sarah is a mobile stylist and also makes her own hair accessories and corsage for sale.

She can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Her email for contact is

Le Keux Salon

Based at the Custard factory in Birmingham they are also are mobile and have teams like the one at York. They do weddings ,photo shoots,hen parties,hair courses and make up. The salon is set up 50s style. And they sell there own range if Cosmetics.

They can be found on Instagram and Facebook


Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for advertising and I have based this article on my own opinion and findings.

Chrich Tramway Museum 40s weekend

The hugely popular Crich Tramway Village WWII Home Front event returns next month on 10th & 11th August 2019, where you can step back in time to 1940s Home Front Britain. Collect your identity card on entryand experience a real taste of life during the Second World War.
With re-enactors, live music and vehicles from pre-1946 mingling with vintage trams and taking you back to the World War II era. Open from 10am until 5.30pm each day.

They will be Children’s entertainment and a replica spitfire. Visitors are encouraged to dress in 1940s attire and get a reduced rate in admission.

There are trams from the Victorian era to the 1960s,a village,a cafe and a pub

General Admission prices on the door are £17.50 for adults, £14 for seniors (aged 60+), £10.50 for children (aged 4 – 15 years) and family tickets (2 adults, 3 children) £40.50. Save 50p on standard priced tickets by booking online at least 24 hours before arrival.

Chrich Tramway museum nr Matlock Derbyshire. Look on line for information to get there

Bye for now 💋oxo

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Nottingham Vintage Carnival

Run by Lou lous this carnival is back in Nottingham at the race course this year . The date booked is 31 August 2019 between 11am and 6pm. You can pre book the tickets on the website and get further information how to get there and what’s on. I went to 2 if these last year they had on Leicester and Nottingham. The weather was better at Nottingham sunshine all day long.So I’m going to go through what’s there and post some photos for you too.There is a big choice of street food and drinks from different kiosks. From sandwiches,hot dogs and pizza. Ice creams for the kids and even a Prosecco bar.Vintage afternoon teaAnd you can book an afternoon tea which is absolutely filling and delicious. It’s around £15 per head but a nice treat. Go on the website at Lou lous Vintage Carnival for the links and info or email If you dont want a full afternoon tea you can have a slice of cake and cup of tea or coffee.And dont forget the Tiki bar for your cocktails on a hot afternoon.Out on the terrace at the Tiki BarThere is hairdressers,barbers and shopping galore. And entertainment for the kids a ferris wheel and croquet. The kids do enjoy it I even saw a mini racetrack for them to use.Well there is the stage where Red and Ginger perform and they just dont do that they get you involved in classes too. Oh and theres a bands on with 40s style music and singers. If the weathers bad they use a tent.Red and GingerIn the Rock n Roll tent theres jive competitions and different bands playing and a bar too. It’s great watching the dancing.Prosecco Bar

There are some fantastic Vehicles for the men in your life to peruse and admire.So there is something for everyone.

So get yourself down the Nottingham Vintage Carnival check the website and Facebook Instagram for information .

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for advertising Vintage Carnival. Its through my own experience I have written this article.

Vintage Beauty

Hi there the vintage beauty look is variable through the decades . And some companies like to produce colours the same as real colours of the decade that were produced such as Beseme and some companies like the Kitsch design like The Balm.

If you love make up and want your look to be Vintage and the products to look Vintage then look into the different companies online. You can get the look with other brands of course to fit your pocket but if you want something different that’s your choice.

The Balm

A newer brand that’s modern make up but in cute design package reminiscent of the 1950s.Available in UK high street . I have the Matte Hughes liquid lipstick in Devoted a true red and lasts for ages on the lips. Here I am wearing the Devoted lipstick a rather bright red.

The Balm Matte Hughes liquid lipstick in Devoted


The classic vintage make up which can be used in a modern way or vintage style. Benefit is available on the UK high street and since its birth in San Francisco it’s become a world wide brand. I have used a number of products in there range which all come in cute packaging. I have found the face makeup, bronzer and blushers suitable for my sensitive skin. I love Boing concealer and Hoola bronzer.

Fatale Cosmetics

A brand new small UK company. The lipsticks are devised by Bethany Jane Davis of the Vintage Beauty Parlour in Manchester UK. The lipsticks are highly pigmented and come in a elegant gold bullet case in it’s own velvet bag . Colours of the 3 lipsticks are Harlow Coral, Rita Rouge and Monroe Red. Fatale Cosmetics can be found on Google,Facebook and Instagram.


The most famous brand in the Vintage world. This is a sought after brand from the U.S.A not easily found in the UK. Stockists in the UK try Amazon, Beauty Bay and Deadly as the Female. Or Google Besame UK stockists.

More about the products, packing is done in traditional style the colours are matched up from actual colours in the decades. If you look online and read up how there made its fascinating how this brand as been developed. Also they do collaboration such as Agent Carter Collection.

Le Keux Cosmetics

Le keux is a brand that’s come out Le Keux Salon in Birmingham UK founded by Lindsey and her sister pin up model Diablo Rose. There brand is vintage packaged with eyeliner, lipsticks, cream,powder and brushes. I have Diablo Rose lipstick which is absolutely gorgeous and a double ended brush which is good quality.

Diablo Rose Lipstick

So I hope you have found this a useful post and enjoyed it. Do google away you will find all products mentioned have their own sites and can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for discussing brands above.