Vintage Victory Hair

When I went to the Festival of Vintage in York ,they have a guest hair and Beauty salon each year. So I thought why not I don’t always have the time and patience to practice vintage hair styles.

In 2018 it was Pin Up Curl ,Sarah Bloor who owns it also does Wedding hair too.

I decided on a Marilyn Monroe look. The look stayed until the next day when I put it into a scarf.

Firstly she sprayed my hair with House of Drewvid styling spray as a setting lotion on dry hair. Then got to work tonging my hair then rolling them into pin curls known as a hot set. When it cooled she undid the curls and brushed and gently back combed into place,also pinning hair to place . Used a working hair spray to set it and used a hair dryer to mold and set the hairspray. Then she finished with Kenra hairspray. We nick named it the ‘A la Marilyn ‘

A la Marilyn

In 2019 the guest salon was Le Keux Hair and Beauty. So I booked in having the hair taster half up half down. So on the day the stylist suggested Victory Rolls. Well I thought why not never tried them. So she started gently sectioning my hair. Using hairspray and back coming she rolled the 2 victory rolls up into the crown of my head. I was expecting a bit of pain with the back combing with hair spray in ,but no very gently it was done. I was surprised how good they looked on me . I left feeling confident for the rest of my day. Maybe next time I will have a full hair do.

Le Keux salon is run by Lindsey and her sister Diablo Rose in Birmingham.

Pin up Curl-Bridal &Vintage hairstyling

Sarah is a mobile stylist and also makes her own hair accessories and corsage for sale.

She can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Her email for contact is

Le Keux Salon

Based at the Custard factory in Birmingham they are also are mobile and have teams like the one at York. They do weddings ,photo shoots,hen parties,hair courses and make up. The salon is set up 50s style. And they sell there own range if Cosmetics.

They can be found on Instagram and Facebook


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Chrich Tramway Museum 40s weekend

The hugely popular Crich Tramway Village WWII Home Front event returns next month on 10th & 11th August 2019, where you can step back in time to 1940s Home Front Britain. Collect your identity card on entryand experience a real taste of life during the Second World War.
With re-enactors, live music and vehicles from pre-1946 mingling with vintage trams and taking you back to the World War II era. Open from 10am until 5.30pm each day.

They will be Children’s entertainment and a replica spitfire. Visitors are encouraged to dress in 1940s attire and get a reduced rate in admission.

There are trams from the Victorian era to the 1960s,a village,a cafe and a pub

General Admission prices on the door are £17.50 for adults, £14 for seniors (aged 60+), £10.50 for children (aged 4 – 15 years) and family tickets (2 adults, 3 children) £40.50. Save 50p on standard priced tickets by booking online at least 24 hours before arrival.

Chrich Tramway museum nr Matlock Derbyshire. Look on line for information to get there

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Nottingham Vintage Carnival

Run by Lou lous this carnival is back in Nottingham at the race course this year . The date booked is 31 August 2019 between 11am and 6pm. You can pre book the tickets on the website and get further information how to get there and what’s on. I went to 2 if these last year they had on Leicester and Nottingham. The weather was better at Nottingham sunshine all day long.So I’m going to go through what’s there and post some photos for you too.There is a big choice of street food and drinks from different kiosks. From sandwiches,hot dogs and pizza. Ice creams for the kids and even a Prosecco bar.Vintage afternoon teaAnd you can book an afternoon tea which is absolutely filling and delicious. It’s around £15 per head but a nice treat. Go on the website at Lou lous Vintage Carnival for the links and info or email If you dont want a full afternoon tea you can have a slice of cake and cup of tea or coffee.And dont forget the Tiki bar for your cocktails on a hot afternoon.Out on the terrace at the Tiki BarThere is hairdressers,barbers and shopping galore. And entertainment for the kids a ferris wheel and croquet. The kids do enjoy it I even saw a mini racetrack for them to use.Well there is the stage where Red and Ginger perform and they just dont do that they get you involved in classes too. Oh and theres a bands on with 40s style music and singers. If the weathers bad they use a tent.Red and GingerIn the Rock n Roll tent theres jive competitions and different bands playing and a bar too. It’s great watching the dancing.Prosecco Bar

There are some fantastic Vehicles for the men in your life to peruse and admire.So there is something for everyone.

So get yourself down the Nottingham Vintage Carnival check the website and Facebook Instagram for information .

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Vintage Beauty

Hi there the vintage beauty look is variable through the decades . And some companies like to produce colours the same as real colours of the decade that were produced such as Beseme and some companies like the Kitsch design like The Balm.

If you love make up and want your look to be Vintage and the products to look Vintage then look into the different companies online. You can get the look with other brands of course to fit your pocket but if you want something different that’s your choice.

The Balm

A newer brand that’s modern make up but in cute design package reminiscent of the 1950s.Available in UK high street . I have the Matte Hughes liquid lipstick in Devoted a true red and lasts for ages on the lips. Here I am wearing the Devoted lipstick a rather bright red.

The Balm Matte Hughes liquid lipstick in Devoted


The classic vintage make up which can be used in a modern way or vintage style. Benefit is available on the UK high street and since its birth in San Francisco it’s become a world wide brand. I have used a number of products in there range which all come in cute packaging. I have found the face makeup, bronzer and blushers suitable for my sensitive skin. I love Boing concealer and Hoola bronzer.

Fatale Cosmetics

A brand new small UK company. The lipsticks are devised by Bethany Jane Davis of the Vintage Beauty Parlour in Manchester UK. The lipsticks are highly pigmented and come in a elegant gold bullet case in it’s own velvet bag . Colours of the 3 lipsticks are Harlow Coral, Rita Rouge and Monroe Red. Fatale Cosmetics can be found on Google,Facebook and Instagram.


The most famous brand in the Vintage world. This is a sought after brand from the U.S.A not easily found in the UK. Stockists in the UK try Amazon, Beauty Bay and Deadly as the Female. Or Google Besame UK stockists.

More about the products, packing is done in traditional style the colours are matched up from actual colours in the decades. If you look online and read up how there made its fascinating how this brand as been developed. Also they do collaboration such as Agent Carter Collection.

Le Keux Cosmetics

Le keux is a brand that’s come out Le Keux Salon in Birmingham UK founded by Lindsey and her sister pin up model Diablo Rose. There brand is vintage packaged with eyeliner, lipsticks, cream,powder and brushes. I have Diablo Rose lipstick which is absolutely gorgeous and a double ended brush which is good quality.

Diablo Rose Lipstick

So I hope you have found this a useful post and enjoyed it. Do google away you will find all products mentioned have their own sites and can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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Dance the night away

Well I was in a bit of a rut of what to write this week and I saw something on Social media local dancing classes. And I thought yeah I can talk about that.So go on your social media or Google and see what you can find. I will list a few of what I know of or I’ve seen and experienced.

Colin Tenn Brighton

He runs his own dance classes jive and rock n roll down in Brighton with his dance partner Sue.

Brighton jive and UK Rock n roll and jive on Facebook. He has his own event Kalamazoo once a month 40s and 50s dance.

Colin also works with Dawn Gracie in Dawn’s Vintage weekender.

Colin is also a DJ at the Honey hush club and jive station.

If you cant find him on Google or Facebook find Dawn on Dawn’s vintage Do and you will find Colin.


They run classes in Sheffield and Stockport . I used to go to one of there classes for a few pound per week. You can start in basic class and work your way up you Intermediate

I started in basic then straight up to intermediate. Due to the fact my mum used to dance with me when I was younger. Mum is a great dancer she and her brother entered local competitions when they were teenagers. So as my dad had 2 left feet and she saw I had rythm she seconded me to be her partner in crime. So at an early age I picked up rock n roll which was handy for jive class.

In Blitz jive class you dont need a partner they line you up and each move you dance with a different partner. I used to go with a group of girls from work oh what fun we had. Then you can freestyle, this is where you get picked to dance by the men! When I started going I got called up to dance sometimes after a few week my feet never stopped.

Red and Ginger

Now these guys do the 40s style dance moves and a pleasure to watch. I’ve seen these guys down at Lou lous Vintage Carnival. Where they do displays in one of the tents and they do classes and get as many people involved.

Jive and Rock n roll is so energetic it burns off the calories and is a fun way to keep you fit. I cant list all the dance classes in the uk the list would be too long. So get your fingers tapping on your keyboards 😉.

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Accessories for Hair

Dawn Gracie-Dawns Vintage do

Above is Dawn who is based on Instagram and Facebook . She is a performer who is based in the South of England who always wears flowers in her hair. She has done hair videos on how to do her hairstyles for vintage life magazine. Check out her Facebook page for all information on Dawn she also has her own website.

Cherry Dollface

Here is Cherry an American pin up who is on You tube Facebook and Instagram. She has recently been to the UK on Tour. She has a lot of You tube videos on hair, make up and vintage fashion. And has done make up and hair for others too.

Heather Hellkat

Heather is an American lady who does a lot of hair and makeup tutorials on Facebook and can be found on Instagram too. She is down to earth she is a member of 2 Facebook groups on Vintage hair and makeup where she posts her tutorials.

Hair accessories in the vintage 50s era are commonly scarves, bandanas and flowers. The pictures above show how they are worn with various hairstyles. I have given information on these 3 ladies in case you want to check out there tutorials to give you ideas. I am not that good with hair myself so I stick to a simple ponytail with hair scarf or flowers.

I have bought a number of hair flowers in different colours to suit different outfits from Imogens Imagination based in Sheffield. Sophie the lady that makes the hair flowers can be also found on Etsy,Facebook and Instagram and often runs a stall at Lou lous vintage fair. She not only makes flowers but shes is a milliner and makes bespoke hats as well as other hair accessories.

Imogens Imagination flower’s

Headscarfs come in a variety of styles wired elasticated here are a couple from Lindy Bop range. The turquoise is elasticated the black one wired.

Also you can buy hair scarves that can be tied by yourself like a bandana in your hair.

From top to bottom

Fruit hair band Hell Bunny

Blue and red bandanas bought at independent seller at York Festival of vintage

Hawaiin hair band from Etsy,Arcade Hatters

Etsy is a good source of suppliers in hair accessories as well as Repro clothes brands.

Hope you found this article fun.

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Historical Fiction

I have been reading some historical family sagas similar to Catherine Cookson.

They have been based on the 20th century from 1900 to the 1970s. These are by 3 different authors Margaret Dickinson, Maureen Lee and Lyn Andrews.

Margaret Dickinson writes about sagas based in Lincolnshire but also Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. She researches the area that she will write about before she will base her story. She wrote 3 books based in Sheffield and Derbyshire. Clippie girls during World War 2, using actual streets places and events. For instance the Sheffield blitz etc by the time I had finished I felt like I had been through the war. Then I found out later a great aunt had been a clippie girl . For those of you that dont know what a clippie girl is they were tram conductors. She also wrote a book on The Buffer girls in Sheffield too and a sequel to that set in World War 2. I found out more of what buffer girls did and the little mesters of Sheffield than any museum trip in these books. For those of you who are unaware Sheffield produces Steel and during World War 2 it suffered extensive bombings. And Margeret also mentioned floods in Lincolnshire, the mills of Nottingham. She set part of one of her books out at the dams in the peak district whilst bringing into the storyline of the dam busters . I’ve now read most of her books .

Ive read a few of Lyn Andrew’s and Maureen Lee both authors base there books where they come from Liverpool. These stories are based on living on the docks of Liverpool in various decades. Mainly around the two world wars.Lynn Andrew’s and Maureen Lee’s book i feel are more gritty. Maureen Lee’s books are found on Amazon rather than the bookstores or library.

For readers that want to learn about living in the UK and the history they are a good read while learning. And I would readers from other countries would enjoy reading about British history. If you like the Peaky Blinders you will love these books.

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Vintage Island at Kelham Island

On the 13th and 14th July 2019 Kelham Island will be holding there 10th Vintage weekend.

I went there last year and thoroughly enjoyed it . As well as looking around the industrial museum and going down the cobbled street and going in the house display. We looked around the various displays and Hawley galley. Having a bite to eat in the cafe and had a look around the onsite pub where there was a stall inside it.However outside there was a lot going on. Singer Natasha Harper was on the stage. People were dressed up in 1940s attire. There was homefront displays and a home guard display. The cobbles of Kelham island were busy with the people visiting over the weekend. The secret cake club had there stall selling delicious home made cakes. The Secret Cake club go to events all over including Lou Lous vintage fair. There were vintage vehicles too .Stalls with vintage items for sale . And live music and dancing.There are museum tours around the Industrial museum and a play area for the kids.

Have a look on the Kelham Island website for further information and getting there.

Adults £6 Kids go free.Below is a photo taken at the event last year.

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Plus size and Thyroid issues

Hi the other night I was watching TV when a journalist was spouting about Nike. Accusing them of making money out of plus size and promoting over weight women

I dont think that I think Nike are encouraging plus size women to keep there weight. I feel they are promoting these women to keep fit and exercise in the gym . There are plus size models who go to the gym and one I follow springs to mind. I think that Nike are keeping plus size women inclusive to excercise and fitness.

12 years ago I was a size 16/14 ,9 and half stone maintained my weight well. I used to go swimming in 30 minutes i swam 20 lengths, go to Jive class and be dancing all the night.

I started gaining weight off I went to weight watchers first I started losing the weight and then gained ,yet I was following the diet. So I tried Slimming world with no luck. But there were other things to going off with my body a reflux, tiredness , aching muscles brittle bones, sudden sweats, skin with open pores like orange peel, dry hair flushing of the skin. I even increased my walking and went to aqua aerobics to try and battle the weight.

I knew something was up I was in and out of the gps. I was prescribed diet pills to see a physio until one gp suddenly put the jigsaw together sent me for blood tests and xrays.

It turned out I had an overactive Thyroid a rare type as 10% of people with overactive Thyroid put on weight! I also had borderline Graves disease.

During this period I often got bullied at work and received no sympathy they thought I wasn’t dieting properly. I left that workplace before I got a diagnosis. Also I was stood at the bus stop one day when I received abuse from a man in a passing car. I was in tears when I got to my parents. I have suffered not just with my health but my psychological well being with this Thyroid issue. And after seeing this journalist spout off i felt the need to write this post.And i want to make people aware that Thyroid is a life threatening disease.

Through my diagnosis i have found i had fast heart beat and blood pressure and i was high risk for heart attack or stroke. My bones were brittle and my muscles were wasting away. The hot sweats i suffered was because i couldn’t control my body temperature as my thyroid wasn’t working properly. And that also caused the weight gain. I now suffer from Asthma as a result of the reflux.

Since treatment Thyroxine and other medications for the rest of my life and Isotope treatment. I have found some of the symptoms are better but not all. I still have to find employment which is not to physical, I have to be careful I dont overdo excercise and I have found out I’m now can be classed as having a disability.

So please think on if you see someone plus size and please be kind.

My blogs are to help those who suffer and give confidence and self worth back. Just because your plus size doesn’t mean you dont have to look nice.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for advertising Nike in this post.

All Dressed Up

Forties and fifties style dresses are always seen as elegant, and back to the Hollywood glamour era . Even brands like Banned are goth clothes mixed with fifties glamour. Brands like Collectif who like to make reproduction clothes from the 1940s to the 1980s . Reproduction clothes are more popular,due to the lack of authentic vintage. And the size change in people since the 50s, due to richer diets. In this post I will explore Collectif, Lindy Bop, Hell Bunny, Lady Voluptuous and Dolly &Dotty, these companies sell in the UK. These brands have lots of evening dresses, bridal as well as day dresses.

So where can you wear one of these dresses , why do I need one in my wardrobe? Well there are specialist events like the Festival of vintage where you could where one of these dresses, but also on dates out with the other half, afternoon tea with the girls, the work Christmas party, a day out at the races a summer wedding.

There are many styles available Audrey Hepburn designs, flared skirts wiggle dresses and tea dresses.With different necklines boat, ruched bust, sweetheart and halter neck.

There are a variety of prints popular are cherries, gingham, polka dots and flowers. Some designs are seasonal, spring there are flower prints, summer its tiki time with tropical themes , autumn Halloween themes are popular and winter there are different Christmas themes such as holly, reindeer etc.

Also there are plenty of sales on these sites. And some of these sites sell in the USA too.

I have bought dresses from Lindy Bop Lady Vintage/Voluptuous and Dolly and Dotty. All have been good fits and I have had compliments galore. Designs I own coat dress, tea dress,Lyra and flared. In patterns polka dot , flowers and Tiki. I have also found they wash and iron well. Even though I haven’t a Hell bunny dress, I have other items of there’s and as above like the others brand they fit well and wash nicely.

Below I have tried to upload many designs for you to peruse.

Lindy Bop sizes 8-26

Polly Rose Heart £38.00

Marilyn Halter Neck £38.00

Misty Tiki Dress £40.00

Gingham Dress £38.00

Dolly and Dotty size8 -24

Strawberry Dress £40.00

Floral Swing Dress £15.00

Collectif size6-22

Dolores Flamingo Dress size 6-22

Hell Bunny size 8-22

Antonia Floral Black dress £53.99

Lady Voluptuous size14 -32

Apricot Lyra Polka dot dress £47.00

I hope you like these dresses and they give you inspiration.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for advertising these companies. I have mentioned these companies as I have bought myself other designs from these companies. There are other companies available.