Vintage Victory Hair

When I went to the Festival of Vintage in York ,they have a guest hair and Beauty salon each year. So I thought why not I don’t always have the time and patience to practice vintage hair styles.

In 2018 it was Pin Up Curl ,Sarah Bloor who owns it also does Wedding hair too.

I decided on a Marilyn Monroe look. The look stayed until the next day when I put it into a scarf.

Firstly she sprayed my hair with House of Drewvid styling spray as a setting lotion on dry hair. Then got to work tonging my hair then rolling them into pin curls known as a hot set. When it cooled she undid the curls and brushed and gently back combed into place,also pinning hair to place . Used a working hair spray to set it and used a hair dryer to mold and set the hairspray. Then she finished with Kenra hairspray. We nick named it the ‘A la Marilyn ‘

A la Marilyn

In 2019 the guest salon was Le Keux Hair and Beauty. So I booked in having the hair taster half up half down. So on the day the stylist suggested Victory Rolls. Well I thought why not never tried them. So she started gently sectioning my hair. Using hairspray and back coming she rolled the 2 victory rolls up into the crown of my head. I was expecting a bit of pain with the back combing with hair spray in ,but no very gently it was done. I was surprised how good they looked on me . I left feeling confident for the rest of my day. Maybe next time I will have a full hair do.

Le Keux salon is run by Lindsey and her sister Diablo Rose in Birmingham.

Pin up Curl-Bridal &Vintage hairstyling

Sarah is a mobile stylist and also makes her own hair accessories and corsage for sale.

She can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Her email for contact is

Le Keux Salon

Based at the Custard factory in Birmingham they are also are mobile and have teams like the one at York. They do weddings ,photo shoots,hen parties,hair courses and make up. The salon is set up 50s style. And they sell there own range if Cosmetics.

They can be found on Instagram and Facebook


Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for advertising and I have based this article on my own opinion and findings.

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