Surviving Lockdown and coming out of it

A couple of weeks ago I went to the city centre to the bank. I had not been for a least four months. Mask ready I jumped on the bus and gave him the correct cash. There were seat allocations on the bus seats so at least half the number of passengers are allowed on each deck. I had heard my bus stop had been diverted for the journey back. So I asked the bus driver who was very helpful where to get the bus back. The journey wasn’t long or congested due to the less traffic in town. I was surprised how many people were around .We queued orderly outside the bank and one of the workers was seeing what you need to go in for. This was to speed up the queue and save people waiting unnecessarily long. All this was civilised and brilliantly done it didn’t take long to get my things sorted. I needed some cash changed so I popped in the pound shop next door. In the UK our poundshops are popular all sorts of household items at low prices. I bought a pastry brush I needed and got my bank note changed for the bus. Because here in the UK you need the correct change or use contact less. I walked down for the bus taking in some air as the mask was getting on my nerves. So I had enough for one day and was surprised the bus was in and get straight home. I felt that everything in town was Alien to me how much we take for granted and what is the new normal!

I’ve started visiting the Costa when I can that’s local to me. I think it’s a good step to get back to normality. If there is a queue i patiently wait, I get my mask ready to slip on. I suffer with Asthma so i try to limit the use of my mask i much prefer the visor when i can. Only 2 customers at a time at the counter so to limit infection. There were queue pushers one time who ended up supervised by a floor worker!Theres a alcohol rub as you enter but I prefer to use my own. Service is quick as possible then find a seat where your allowed . As all tables are signed to which your allowed to sit in. This month to encourage us to eat out again everything is half price, a government initiative I believe. So my pot of tea and flap Jack only £1.55. So at the table you can slip of your mask eat and drink watch the world go by and answer your emails. Feel the normality for a while bliss.

I went to the hairdressers after 4 months with no cut. My fringe was down to my mouth nearly. I managed not to cut it myself as it’s a sweeping fringe. We waited outside until we were called in. Had temperature done and used alcohol rub before shown to the seat and I wore a mask. I had my own screened of area to sit in.My hairdresser had the full regalia on apron, gloves, mask, visor. It must be hard work and uncomfortable for them to work in. My hairdresser had to clean client area before and after used. So after washing my hair she cleaned the area after making me comfortable. Before she commenced cutting, drying and styling my hair. Which was an hour of bliss. It was all one to one in looking after me. My length needed a good 2 inch off and looked better after the cut and I could see where I was going instead of pinning back all my fringe. I found I could deal with situation well I got a taxi there and back too. I think because it was a familiar face in a familiar setting helped despite the methods we had to go to to get the job done. And my hair styled and cut while wearing a mask was just as good as if it wasn’t in a lockdown ease up. Looking forward to my next appointment.

So what’s the normal in your city, town or village these days? What makes you anxious while your out? I would love to here from you.

Bye for now 💋 oxo

6 thoughts on “Surviving Lockdown and coming out of it

  1. Congrats on your venturing out and the successes you found despite all the obstacles. I have only been shopping twice since this whole thing started. In our state, we have quite a divide in the population as to what approach is best, so we have our share of what some would call rebels to the mask mandates. We’ve been to a couple places that have outside seating, so there’s not a mask requirement. I can’t imagine having asthma and wearing a mask. I’m glad to read you did well and that your hair appointment helped you feel a bit back to normal.


    1. There a few people not wearing masks inside, but we cant say anything in case they have breathing problems. I myself think like this I would rather wear a mask or visor if it protects me from someone who has unknowingly got the Covid. My mum is the same she has a breathing problem and wears a visor. There have been some idiots around rebelling in the UK too at illegal races and pubs not been strict. Then cases of Covid coming out of it. Sitting outside to eat is a safer idea I would do the same but theres only 4 tables at our local Costa and it depends on the weather too. Oh thank god for the hair appointment I was looking like Wurzel Gummidge lol .

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