French Skincare

The French have amazing skin due to the hard working French brands they have access to. I have been researching a few brands for you to take note of.Some of these brands can be bought in the bigger pharmacies, some in department stores and online. It will vary from country to country what you can buy. That’s why I have included more well known brands such as Clarins and Vichy which will be easier to obtain worldwide.


Founded 1989. They have a iconic product called Huille Prodiguese Multi Usage Dry Oil £30. Jennifer Aniston is a fan of this range.


Founded in the 1970s, it is famous for its Micellar water,which was launched in the 90s.

La Roche Posay

Launched in the seventies specialist in gentle products used by Dermatologists,tested on sensitive skin.They are non- comedogenic which wont clog pores. I have the Anthelios sunscreen which is great in the summer and works well. And the spring water spray which cools me down in the hot weather. Like the affordability of this brand too.

Thermal Spring water £5


Founded in 1995 the inspiration comes from grapes that contain anti oxidants. There is a big fan base of Rosie Huntington -Whitely, Holly Willoughby and Victoria Beckham. I am considering of trying something in this brand in the future.

Beauty Elixer £12


Founded 1931, by Prosper Haller from the Volcanic region of Auvergne,using mineral water from the springs. Dermatologists also work with Vichy to produce products for sensitive skin.

Mineral 89 Serum £19


Named after the region in France in which it was founded. It also uses Thermal Spring water in its ingredients. Founded 1990.


Founded in 1950 in the Parisian hospitals. They used the cream to hydrate and care for patients skin. Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan of this brand.


Founded in 1962 by a French pharmacy for those with sensitive skin.

Finally my favourite a little more expensive, but not as expensive as other high end brands. I have been using this brand since 1990s whenever I can afford it and the results on my sensitive combination skin have been impressive and I have had compliments.


Founded in 1954 by Jacques Courtins a medical student. Who based his body and face treatments on plants. I found the skincare range caters widely, its heritage is skincare. The make up is amazing and doesn’t get the publicity it deserves. Most make up brands brings me out in allergies and sensitivities. This brand as never failed me. And I stopped burning when abroad using there sunscreens. I have mentioned products in this brand in other blogs, so I will leave it there.

Also before I forget do look up Caroline Hirons she has a blog. A facialist I met last year at a Clarins launch. She knows everything all the best brands worldwide. Her blog is

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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Disclaimer I was not paid for this article. All my opinions on products are my own paid for by myself.

Skincare essentials

The last few months I have tried a number of products for hair, skin, body and hands.At the moment where all stuck indoors on lockdown and we still need to look after our skin.

Why well it’s our largest living organ and helps to defend infection getting into the body. That’s why it’s important to treat skin quickly with cuts tears etc to stop infection getting in.

Some of the products you can get online presently from good sources. Either the companies themselves, online suppliers or department stores online.My skin type combination/sensitive.


Clinique Foaming cleanser (gifted)Little goes a long way so very economical, feels clean without stripping and feeling dry. 30ml lasted me 3 months. To buy 150ml its £17.50

Clarins Foam Cleansers Tamarind for oily skin And Cotton seed for combination.Tamarind was a sample only found it too strong for my skin,better for really oily skin. Cottonseed suits me better little goes a long way like the Clinique one. Very economical. The Cottonseed I bought myself and lasted 6 months. 125ml costs £21.00

Clarins one step daily with exfoliate 30ml lasted me 4 months go gentle with this as it’s a cleanser and exfoliate in one. I received this as a bonus treat on counter it was a quarter size. Clarins do bonus treats regularly. Good way to try before you buy. I would use this again if I didnt have a exfoliater. 125ml costs £22.00

Liz Earle Cleanse and polish I didnt like the perfume of this or the cloth that came with it. Much prefer a flannel instead. Now it didnt do any harm to my skin it worked fine but the cost of the tube was £15 and it lasted me 2 months on a twice daily use. So I didn’t find it economical.

Moisturizing I received some samples to try from Clarins of their moisturizers. These weren’t all from the range. The cheapest I’ve listed first to the highest price. Look at the Clarins site for more details on prices and the different ranges they have. There are age range moisturisers and skin type moisturisers.

Hydra essential Gel

Love this range and been using the cream over the winter which is lush. The gel is a great summer alternative.

Extra firming day cream

Aimed at 40 plus. Lovely to apply nice on the skin.

Super Restorative

Aimed at 50 plus, very rich I loved it.



A new range which is silicone or sulfates and Vegan. Made in Hawaii with the different scents of Hawaii. I love the Hibiscus water shampoo and conditioner. It doesnt irritate my scalp and rinses out easily. I have found it in Boots UK and Superdrug. It retails at £8.99 but it goes on offer at £5.99 every few weeks.


There shampoos and conditioners change from season to season. Not all of there range suits me I prefer the Macedemia nut oil ranges, the Pure range and the Eucalyptus oil range. Prices range between £3 to £5 depending on size.



Have a body wash range to a big 400ml size that lasted me 6 months which I got on offer. It has the lovely Frangipani scent and I’m on my second bottle. Do check out the Maui website for more information. This range is new to the UK. Same price as the shampoo and conditioner but last ages.

The Body Shop Tahitian Tiare

This is more of oil based body wash product. This is another exotic scent this I bought from Body shop at Home which retailed at £5. Gorgeous I would repurchase this


Neil’s yard Wild Rose Cream

Gifted by a magazine. Very rich does the job well hands nice and soft slow to absorb.

Body shopMango hand cream

Given to me and absolutely beautiful smell absorbs quickly, works well and not too expensive.

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Disclaimer I was not paid to advertise all my opinions are my own.

About the Thyroid

The Thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland that controls many areas of your body.It sits in the base of the neck area . And carries hormone TSH3 and TSH4.

These hormones are necessary for all the cells in your body to work normally.

Thyroid disorders are very common and tend mainly to occur in women, although anybody – men, teenagers, children and babies, too – can be affected. About one in 20 people has some kind of thyroid disorder, which may be temporary or permanent.

The thyroid gland can become overactive (hyperthyrodism) or underactive (hypothyroidism). This may, rarely, occur from birth, or develop later on in life. Hypothyroidism is often accompanied by an enlargement of the thyroid gland known as a goiter.

Thyrotoxicosis is the term given when there is too much thyroid hormone in the bloodstream. It may be a result of overactivity of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) as in Graves’ disease, inflamation of the thyroid or a benign thyroid tumour. Symptoms of thyrotoxicsosis include intolerance to heat, weight loss, increased appetite, increased bowel movements, irregular menstrual cycle, rapid and irregular heartbeat, palpitations, tiredness, irritability, tremor, hair loss and retraction of the eyelids resulting in a ‘staring’ appearance.

There are many different signs of Thyroid disease and I have left links to help you learn more.

Hope anyone with a Thyroid problem will find this article useful. And if you know someone with a Thyroid problem you may understand it more. Thyroid is treatable but it’s a life long disease. I hope to write more on the subject in future.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Hyperthyroid diet

Hyperthyroidism a type of thyrotoxicosis, is a condition in which the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone. Some people refer to this condition as an overactive thyroid. The most common cause of hyperthyroidism is an autoimmune condition called Graves Disease .

The symptoms of an overactive thyroid include unintentional weight loss, anxiety, sweating, frequent bowel movements, difficulty sleeping, and muscle weakness. Hyperthyroidism is much more common in women than in men.

Low-iodine foods

The mineral iodine plays a key role in making thyroid hormones. A low-iodine diet helps to reduce thyroid hormones.

Calcium and vitamin D

Hyperthyroidism causes weak and brittle bones. Bone mass may be restored with treatment. Vitamin D and calcium are necessary for building healthy bones.


Iron is important for many vital bodily functions, including thyroid health. This mineral is needed for blood cells to carry oxygen to every cell in your body.


Selenium-rich foods may help to balance thyroid hormone levels and protect your Thyroid from disease.Selenium helps to prevent cell damage and keep your thyroid and other tissues healthy.


Zinc helps you use food for energy. This mineral also keeps your immune system and thyroid healthy.

Healthy fats

Fats that are from whole foods and largely unprocessed may help reduce inflammation. This helps to protect thyroid health and balance thyroid hormones. Nondairy fats are important in a low-iodine diet.

Below are British and American links to organisations which are a useful resource to diet for hyperthyroidism.


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Food for Hypothyroidism

Theres been some confusion over what’s the best food to optimise your Thyroid function. It won’t cure Thyroid function but it will help improve function. So I have researched on medical sites to seek information on the foods to eat and food to reduce in eating.

Foods to optimise your Thyroid.

Seaweed,fish,diary and eggs,which contain Iodine.

Brazil nuts,sardines and tuna which contain selenium.

Oysters,shellfish,beef and chicken which contain zinc.

Berries,oranges,bananas and tomatoes which also boost Thyroid function.

Non caffeinated drinks and water to drink.

Selenium,zinc and iodine are known to help optimise Thyroid function in your diet. You are advised not to take these supplements in tablet form unless advised by a Dr.

Avoid or reduce the amount of the following foods, these contain goitotrons that interfere with Thyroid function.

Soy foods like milk and tofu

Cabbage,cauliflower and broccoli

Some fruits and starchy foods peaches,pears and potatoes

Nuts and seeds like peanuts.

Coffee,green tea and alcohol may irritate Thyroid function.

Look on the following link for further information.

And another link to a site here

I hope this has been a useful read an I will look into other subjects on Thyroid problems in the future.

Bye for now oxo 💋

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A good cleanse

This past year I’ve used 5 different cleansers for my sensitive skin . I also have oily combination skin.The prices vary so they can suit someone whose on a tight budget.

First up Garnier Miceller water originalThis comes in a variety of sizes from £1 travel size to £7 jumbo size. It’s cheap cheerful and goes a long way. It’s great for taking off make up and a light cleanse. Takes most of the grease of and does the job. Does not irritate my skin.Now comes in a variety of combinations. Including one with oil but I found that too oily. A regular repurchase great for travel.

Simple moisturizing facial wash£2-3 depending where you shop doesnt irritate as its ingredients are carefully chosen not to irritate skin. Did not irritate my skin but I found it drying so only used the tiniest amount. Comes in a plastic tube so great for travelling but it only appears to be purchased at 150ml size. Lasts months but I wouldn’t repurchase due to tightness on the skin after use.

Liz Earle Cleanse and PolishThe infamous best seller. Comes with a cloth I didnt use,prefer a flannel. Standard size £15. Pros its lovely creamy and doesnt irritate the skin. It removes make up well. Cons I dont like the smell of eucalyptus and cocoa butter blended together. And it only lasted 2 months as it has a pre regulated pump dispenser. But you can also buy it in the tube version. They do special editions where they change the fragrance. Would I repurchase yes but only on special edition if I thought I would like the fragrance.

Clarins one step orange cleanser

This is an biphasic with oil cleanser you shake before use. I bought this when it first ever came out. It was phased out but brought back with customer satisfaction and demand. If used on a daily basis twice will last about 3 months . Its £21 more expensive than other brands but it could be used for make up removal. The oil in doesnt make your skin greasy or feel greasy when used. In winter it helps moisturize the skin. It’s a better oil mix than the Garnier one. It really deep cleanses the skin as well as remove make up. It’s been a firm favourite of mine for over 10 years I cant say anymore .

Clarins Foaming Cottonseed Cleanser

This is brilliant use this with water. No tightness on my skin deep cleanses a tube of this used twice daily for a deep cleanse lasted me 6 months. Yes its £20 but if it lasts for 6 months and you can afford it splurge. The ingredients in Clarins skincare is well researched and there reputation for skincare is on the high scale.You can try it as they do samples on Clarins counter as there are a variety of these facial washes so you can try the one best for your skin. I’ve not found any cons only it might be pricey.If price is a problem look at the myclarins range cleansers around £15 and although its directed towards teenagers anyone can use the range cleansers.

These are the cleansers I’ve used this year and I will probably do another review sometime with different products when I can. I think personally use what suits you and your pocket. I use Garnier when the budget is tight and if I can I use Clarins because it never causes break outs and is kind to my skin. I’ve used Clarins for 28 years after trying many different brands.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer brands mentioned I have trialled myself and are based on my opinion. I have not been paid by companies mentioned.

Vintage Victory Hair

When I went to the Festival of Vintage in York ,they have a guest hair and Beauty salon each year. So I thought why not I don’t always have the time and patience to practice vintage hair styles.

In 2018 it was Pin Up Curl ,Sarah Bloor who owns it also does Wedding hair too.

I decided on a Marilyn Monroe look. The look stayed until the next day when I put it into a scarf.

Firstly she sprayed my hair with House of Drewvid styling spray as a setting lotion on dry hair. Then got to work tonging my hair then rolling them into pin curls known as a hot set. When it cooled she undid the curls and brushed and gently back combed into place,also pinning hair to place . Used a working hair spray to set it and used a hair dryer to mold and set the hairspray. Then she finished with Kenra hairspray. We nick named it the ‘A la Marilyn ‘

A la Marilyn

In 2019 the guest salon was Le Keux Hair and Beauty. So I booked in having the hair taster half up half down. So on the day the stylist suggested Victory Rolls. Well I thought why not never tried them. So she started gently sectioning my hair. Using hairspray and back coming she rolled the 2 victory rolls up into the crown of my head. I was expecting a bit of pain with the back combing with hair spray in ,but no very gently it was done. I was surprised how good they looked on me . I left feeling confident for the rest of my day. Maybe next time I will have a full hair do.

Le Keux salon is run by Lindsey and her sister Diablo Rose in Birmingham.

Pin up Curl-Bridal &Vintage hairstyling

Sarah is a mobile stylist and also makes her own hair accessories and corsage for sale.

She can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Her email for contact is

Le Keux Salon

Based at the Custard factory in Birmingham they are also are mobile and have teams like the one at York. They do weddings ,photo shoots,hen parties,hair courses and make up. The salon is set up 50s style. And they sell there own range if Cosmetics.

They can be found on Instagram and Facebook


Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for advertising and I have based this article on my own opinion and findings.

Vintage Beauty

Hi there the vintage beauty look is variable through the decades . And some companies like to produce colours the same as real colours of the decade that were produced such as Beseme and some companies like the Kitsch design like The Balm.

If you love make up and want your look to be Vintage and the products to look Vintage then look into the different companies online. You can get the look with other brands of course to fit your pocket but if you want something different that’s your choice.

The Balm

A newer brand that’s modern make up but in cute design package reminiscent of the 1950s.Available in UK high street . I have the Matte Hughes liquid lipstick in Devoted a true red and lasts for ages on the lips. Here I am wearing the Devoted lipstick a rather bright red.

The Balm Matte Hughes liquid lipstick in Devoted


The classic vintage make up which can be used in a modern way or vintage style. Benefit is available on the UK high street and since its birth in San Francisco it’s become a world wide brand. I have used a number of products in there range which all come in cute packaging. I have found the face makeup, bronzer and blushers suitable for my sensitive skin. I love Boing concealer and Hoola bronzer.

Fatale Cosmetics

A brand new small UK company. The lipsticks are devised by Bethany Jane Davis of the Vintage Beauty Parlour in Manchester UK. The lipsticks are highly pigmented and come in a elegant gold bullet case in it’s own velvet bag . Colours of the 3 lipsticks are Harlow Coral, Rita Rouge and Monroe Red. Fatale Cosmetics can be found on Google,Facebook and Instagram.


The most famous brand in the Vintage world. This is a sought after brand from the U.S.A not easily found in the UK. Stockists in the UK try Amazon, Beauty Bay and Deadly as the Female. Or Google Besame UK stockists.

More about the products, packing is done in traditional style the colours are matched up from actual colours in the decades. If you look online and read up how there made its fascinating how this brand as been developed. Also they do collaboration such as Agent Carter Collection.

Le Keux Cosmetics

Le keux is a brand that’s come out Le Keux Salon in Birmingham UK founded by Lindsey and her sister pin up model Diablo Rose. There brand is vintage packaged with eyeliner, lipsticks, cream,powder and brushes. I have Diablo Rose lipstick which is absolutely gorgeous and a double ended brush which is good quality.

Diablo Rose Lipstick

So I hope you have found this a useful post and enjoyed it. Do google away you will find all products mentioned have their own sites and can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for discussing brands above.

Plus size and Thyroid issues

Hi the other night I was watching TV when a journalist was spouting about Nike. Accusing them of making money out of plus size and promoting over weight women

I dont think that I think Nike are encouraging plus size women to keep there weight. I feel they are promoting these women to keep fit and exercise in the gym . There are plus size models who go to the gym and one I follow springs to mind. I think that Nike are keeping plus size women inclusive to excercise and fitness.

12 years ago I was a size 16/14 ,9 and half stone maintained my weight well. I used to go swimming in 30 minutes i swam 20 lengths, go to Jive class and be dancing all the night.

I started gaining weight off I went to weight watchers first I started losing the weight and then gained ,yet I was following the diet. So I tried Slimming world with no luck. But there were other things to going off with my body a reflux, tiredness , aching muscles brittle bones, sudden sweats, skin with open pores like orange peel, dry hair flushing of the skin. I even increased my walking and went to aqua aerobics to try and battle the weight.

I knew something was up I was in and out of the gps. I was prescribed diet pills to see a physio until one gp suddenly put the jigsaw together sent me for blood tests and xrays.

It turned out I had an overactive Thyroid a rare type as 10% of people with overactive Thyroid put on weight! I also had borderline Graves disease.

During this period I often got bullied at work and received no sympathy they thought I wasn’t dieting properly. I left that workplace before I got a diagnosis. Also I was stood at the bus stop one day when I received abuse from a man in a passing car. I was in tears when I got to my parents. I have suffered not just with my health but my psychological well being with this Thyroid issue. And after seeing this journalist spout off i felt the need to write this post.And i want to make people aware that Thyroid is a life threatening disease.

Through my diagnosis i have found i had fast heart beat and blood pressure and i was high risk for heart attack or stroke. My bones were brittle and my muscles were wasting away. The hot sweats i suffered was because i couldn’t control my body temperature as my thyroid wasn’t working properly. And that also caused the weight gain. I now suffer from Asthma as a result of the reflux.

Since treatment Thyroxine and other medications for the rest of my life and Isotope treatment. I have found some of the symptoms are better but not all. I still have to find employment which is not to physical, I have to be careful I dont overdo excercise and I have found out I’m now can be classed as having a disability.

So please think on if you see someone plus size and please be kind.

My blogs are to help those who suffer and give confidence and self worth back. Just because your plus size doesn’t mean you dont have to look nice.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for advertising Nike in this post.

SPF for sensitive skin

If you suffer from skin sensitivity, it can be difficult to find products that don’t irritate or anger your already sore and inflamed skin, especially when it comes to suncare, which naturally contains more chemicals than most skincare due to its UV filters.

Brands such as La Roche-Posay and Vichy however, have been working with dermatologists for years and developing the best sunscreens for sensitive skin that don’t cause redness or irritation. Now, more brands than ever are recognising the need to provide sun protection for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin varies from person to person, but there are some key signs to look out for, which can you help you self-diagnose if you suffer from any degree of sensitivity.

  • Skin feels tight or uncomfortable (especially after trying new products)
  • Sore or sensitive to the touch
  • Goes red easily
  • Needs a lot of extra hydration in the colder months
  • Becomes itchy, red or blotchy after using common irritants like fragrance
  • Turns red after a hot shower

Sensitive skin types should always opt for products without common irritants like fragrance, parabens, silicones and sulphates, and always make sure to check that it has been dermatologically tested, which means the product has been reviewed by a skin specialist.

Below are some brands that are across a price range .

La Roche Posay £12.38

Ultrasun £15.20

PizzaBuin £17.35

Vichy £19.00

Clarins £20.00

Clarins Aftersun £22.00

Avon sensitive £5.00

Avon aftersun with Aloe Ice Gel £4.00

I use La Roche Posay and Clarins on my face and body as they don’t block my pores and cause irritations. I have found the cheaper ones can do this. However the Avon Aftersun I have used and its brilliant. Sorry I couldn’t upload photos of Avon. Also the La Roche Posay range is suitable for children too so it can be shared within the family. There is one in there range I use which is safe around the eyes,the Sensitive eye Innovation pictured above.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I have not been paid for any of the brands in this post.

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