Cotton Traders

For the last couple of years I’ve fell in love with Cotton Traders. If your wanting a look that is relaxed casual and some clothes can cross into Evening wear. I’ve bought boots jackets coats skirts tops and trousers for both summer and winter.

Cotton Traders started with Fran Cotton and Steve Smith 2 former Rugby players who wanted to specialise in casual wear.

For evening wear I bought a lovely crinkle blouse blue with trousers for summer evenings down the pub or ideal for packing for holidays abroad. I bought a gypsy skirt and bought another for this summer.

And for winter, warm microfleece trousers, sweatshirts and a raincoat. Look online for “Singing in the rain” raincoat I bought one in poppy red and the amount of compliments I have had.

The quality of Cotton Traders is of very good standard you get what you pay for. The clothes are going to last season after season. They do plenty of offers and discount codes too. There clothes can cover a wide age range and size range. So have a look you may find something you like.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and you checkout the Cotton Traders sight. Sorry I’ve not been on for a while been rather busy.

💋Bye for now oxo

Disclaimer clothes were bought by my own monies

6 thoughts on “Cotton Traders

  1. I’ve never heard of that company, but I should check them out. I’ve been shopping a bit too much, but when I do, I’ve been looking for cotton instead of polyester.
    Great finds you found. That red coat is adorable!!! I bet you look stunning in it.

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    1. It’s a UK company but I think they ship internationally. You could always use there contact details form and ask. Check out the website Cotton Traders look at there clothes. There is a size conversion from US to uk sizes. I always get a bigger size. Thank you I feel confident in my coat.

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      1. Thank you for the tips. Do you think the cotton shrinks or why do you size up? Is it one size up from your normal size? Again, thanks for the tips. The website does say they ship internationally. I’ll have to practice understanding the $ conversion too! 🤣
        It’s great to feel confident in what we’re wearing, isn’t it?!


      2. I’ve not known the Cotton to shrink. Sometimes on the dress/shirt sizes I go a size up for extra room I find my size is a tight fit. Skirts and trousers I find are OK in my normal size. You could order a couple of things in 2 different sizes especially if your ordering internationally. I recommend loose skirts and tops summer. And sweatshirts warm trousers winter.

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