Clarins what’s New

Clarins is a heritage brand that founded in 1954 by Jaques Courtin Clarins. There Skincare and Cosmetics is based on botanical ingredients.


In the past three years Clarins has been overalling its Skincare and Cosmetics. Rolling out new lines like Nutri lumiere for women approximately 60 + and Calming range.

There are a whole new line of Cleansers from oil to mousses to foams made with plants from the Clarins plantation in the Alps, the Domain Clarins. The only range what they kept is the Orange express range which is a personal favourite.

There are a new range of masks for oily/combination skin, dehydrated and dry skin and scubs to match.

There are 2 new eye creams, one being the double serum eye.

I’ve tried a number of these products either trial size, quarter size and full size. These are my favourites so far, I have oily/combination/sensitive skin but gets dehydrated especially in the winter

Velvet Cleanser

Sensitive foam wash.

Pure foam wash

Toner with Meadowsweet.

Hydrating scrub and mask

Calming balm with clary sage.

Hydrating foam wash

Hydrating Toner


They have rebranded and upgraded there Cosmetics in the last 3 years.

The Concealer has been improved, new Eyeshadow quartets, eyeliners and mascaras have been all changed and new ingredients formulations. Also new range of Foundations like Everlasting youth fluid. New blusher range. And lip colours added in the popular Lip perfector now in darker shades.

They are currently upgrading the powders.and bringing out lip oils in the spring. As well as a new aroma perfume Eau Exraordinare.

So far I have tried the new Everlasting Concealer you only need the tiniest amount at it spreads easily, blends well and concealers any imperfections. A tube would last you a long time so its worth the money.

And the new waterproof eyeliner. It glided on with no dragging and stayed on all day without transferring onto the eyelid.

Clarins Cosmetics have been always been about putting skin care ingredients into there Cosmetics and the anti pollution formula. Look online for skin benefits of ingredients of each product.

The reason I started using Clarins Cosmetics is because I often had flare ups and break outs with certain brands of makeup. I got fed up of battling with these break outs and in the nineties there weren’t many brands that were hypoallergenic. I also wore contact lenses so eye products had to be safe to use around the eyes. In case any filiments dropped into the eye. I’ve always bought my clarins products when I can afford it, need a replacement or with money gifted to me. And when I’ve worn my Clarins makeup I’ve always had compliments how nice and natural it looks.

Currently we are living in society in the UK where making ends meet. So if your interested in Clarins do ask at there counter for samples try before you buy to see if it suits you. And do what I have done just buy what you need to replace when you can afford it. Clarins products do last a long time and have a good shelf life so it sometimes works out cheaper in the long haul. is one of the website addresses to look at but the website is easy to find on Google.

I hope you found this article useful. And feel free to ask me questions on my thoughts of the products I’ve tried.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer items were purchased by my own monies

7 thoughts on “Clarins what’s New

  1. So nice to see you writing again! I spent most of the past two years at home for work so I learned not to use any make-up. A little blush and mascara and I’m out the door. I do use powder for my faded eyebrows when I’m really up for ‘a look’. LOL.

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    1. I haven’t worn much make up either since the lock down. While we were indoors i was Skincare focused. Since I started to get out its been eyes and lips. Only a full face a couple of times. I haven’t been out at night often since lock down only when we were on holiday. Do love the lip oils and lip perfector for daily use a little glamour and care at the same time. I haven’t had my eyebrows threaded since before lock down back to the trust tweezers!

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      1. If its non Clarins then Burt’s Bees is a good option.
        If its Clarins then if you want no colour on your lips then try Hydraquench lip balm. A flush of pink then there’s the My Clarins lip balm. For a bit of glam there’s Lip perfector, I have Rose, Toffee and Apricot shimmer. And the Rosewood is really nice too my mum as that one.
        Lip oil I have the Honey but I have my eye on the Pitaya next time.

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      2. Another brand is Nuxe I have used some of there products and they are lovely. Apparently the lip balm is really good so see if you can get that in the USA. Its called riev de miele range and I think they do it in Rose too.
        Forgot to tell you I was telling my mum about the book you received Swedish Death cleaning. My mum wanted it so I got it for her it was very funny and informative we both read it. 👍😂

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