Coronavirus part 2

Since I last wrote a piece on the Coronavirus some developments have happened some good and a bad development.

Just before lockdown my uncle was in palliative care in a nursing home in the Manchester area. It appears he had a stroke then pneumonia. As we were allowed to visit. My mum was unable to see her brother due to looking after my father who has severe Parkinsons disease. So I was despatched in her place as I been over before to see him there. I met my aunt in Manchester Piccadilly station ,she had travelled in from Leeds ,where the rest of mums family live. We went together and got to see him as lockdown was a week later. 2 weeks after we saw him he passed away he was 76. He had lived in the nursing home for a number of years and the staff loved him. So because of lockdown none of the family could attend the funeral as we would have gone across county which wasn’t allowed. The funeral home helped mum organise the funeral. And lots of the care home staff attended the funeral and had a wake for him at the home. We were grateful as we couldn’t attend. We intend to see the care workers when restrictions are lifted. I will miss my uncle he was a character, he was ex army and used to box for the regiment he was in.

As for the shopping after speaking to the Gp in a phone call I was able to get online shopping from Iceland. And the pharmacy are delivering my prescription.

I bought myself a mask online and I look like Darth Vader or a bank robber, Ha ha .But if I go on public transport I will need a mask and the right amount of money.

Well as I live in a flat I have had walks around the local green areas. And talking to neighbours at a distance to keep my sanity.

How are you folks all doing?

Bye for now 💋oxo

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus part 2

  1. Aw, I’m so sorry to hear of your family’s losses. I work for a company that has 4 buildings totaling 240 beds of people with memory loss and other comorbidities, just like your uncle had. We struggle every day on how to balance protecting all the residents from too much exposure, including not letting in family visitors. It is so hard to not be able to let people who love each other be together. My heart aches for you and your family. I’m glad to read that you’ve been able to get online services and that you’re finding ways to stay sane and safe at the same time. Hugs to you, xx

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    1. Thank you so much Shelley. The home was brilliant at least he saw 2 members of his family before he passed away. The home has a no visiting policy due to Covid 19. They barrier nursed him isolating him from others as it was pneumonia which my gran passed away from too. But that can be deadly too in a nursing home as you will know. The nursing home as used Facebook to communicate with relatives too.Posting regular what the residents are up to .Xx

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      1. You’re welcome. We’re allowing end of life visits too. Pneumonia, according to the nurses I’ve worked with, is one of the most peaceful ways to die. My mom died of it and I was there holding her hand as she passed. She was at peace.
        Social media has been used in a positive manner for our residents and families too – I’m thankful they do get to see each other that way at least. xx

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      2. My uncle loved it at the particular nursing home . He was of the few residents who they could have a conversation with , he had a takeaway curry with them on a Friday night. They let him retain much more of his independence and care for himself as much as possible .His last few years of his life were enjoyable there and that’s what I was grateful of. Xx

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