Skincare essentials

The last few months I have tried a number of products for hair, skin, body and hands.At the moment where all stuck indoors on lockdown and we still need to look after our skin.

Why well it’s our largest living organ and helps to defend infection getting into the body. That’s why it’s important to treat skin quickly with cuts tears etc to stop infection getting in.

Some of the products you can get online presently from good sources. Either the companies themselves, online suppliers or department stores online.My skin type combination/sensitive.


Clinique Foaming cleanser (gifted)Little goes a long way so very economical, feels clean without stripping and feeling dry. 30ml lasted me 3 months. To buy 150ml its £17.50

Clarins Foam Cleansers Tamarind for oily skin And Cotton seed for combination.Tamarind was a sample only found it too strong for my skin,better for really oily skin. Cottonseed suits me better little goes a long way like the Clinique one. Very economical. The Cottonseed I bought myself and lasted 6 months. 125ml costs £21.00

Clarins one step daily with exfoliate 30ml lasted me 4 months go gentle with this as it’s a cleanser and exfoliate in one. I received this as a bonus treat on counter it was a quarter size. Clarins do bonus treats regularly. Good way to try before you buy. I would use this again if I didnt have a exfoliater. 125ml costs £22.00

Liz Earle Cleanse and polish I didnt like the perfume of this or the cloth that came with it. Much prefer a flannel instead. Now it didnt do any harm to my skin it worked fine but the cost of the tube was £15 and it lasted me 2 months on a twice daily use. So I didn’t find it economical.

Moisturizing I received some samples to try from Clarins of their moisturizers. These weren’t all from the range. The cheapest I’ve listed first to the highest price. Look at the Clarins site for more details on prices and the different ranges they have. There are age range moisturisers and skin type moisturisers.

Hydra essential Gel

Love this range and been using the cream over the winter which is lush. The gel is a great summer alternative.

Extra firming day cream

Aimed at 40 plus. Lovely to apply nice on the skin.

Super Restorative

Aimed at 50 plus, very rich I loved it.



A new range which is silicone or sulfates and Vegan. Made in Hawaii with the different scents of Hawaii. I love the Hibiscus water shampoo and conditioner. It doesnt irritate my scalp and rinses out easily. I have found it in Boots UK and Superdrug. It retails at £8.99 but it goes on offer at £5.99 every few weeks.


There shampoos and conditioners change from season to season. Not all of there range suits me I prefer the Macedemia nut oil ranges, the Pure range and the Eucalyptus oil range. Prices range between £3 to £5 depending on size.



Have a body wash range to a big 400ml size that lasted me 6 months which I got on offer. It has the lovely Frangipani scent and I’m on my second bottle. Do check out the Maui website for more information. This range is new to the UK. Same price as the shampoo and conditioner but last ages.

The Body Shop Tahitian Tiare

This is more of oil based body wash product. This is another exotic scent this I bought from Body shop at Home which retailed at £5. Gorgeous I would repurchase this


Neil’s yard Wild Rose Cream

Gifted by a magazine. Very rich does the job well hands nice and soft slow to absorb.

Body shopMango hand cream

Given to me and absolutely beautiful smell absorbs quickly, works well and not too expensive.

Bye for now 💋oxo

Disclaimer I was not paid to advertise all my opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Skincare essentials

  1. Thank you for sharing your tips. For the previous 6 months, or so, I’ve done a huge purge of wearing any lotions, creams, and makeup for moisturizing, I use straight Vitamin E oil. It works surprisingly well, isn’t greasy, and the little bottle lasts forever! A few drops do me well for moisturizing my face. I also don’t wear much if any makeup. I wash my face with good ol’ Ivory bar soap. My skin seems to have appreciated the change. I’ve heard that some of the makeup contains chemicals that spike our estrogen/hormone levels? Anyhow, reading the list of contents of the containers typically make me leave the bottle on the store shelf. I hope you’re hanging in there with the COVID situation – your previous post made it sound much the same as it is here in the US. Take care and stay safe!

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    1. Vitamin E I have heard is great, and if it works for you carry on. Body Shop do a Vitamin E range but I’m not sure if you can get it in the US. But I’m impressed with Maui you should be able to get that. Have you heard of Caroline Hirons, I met her last year, she is a facialist, dual British/ American. Look on her blog Caroline Hirons. com shes no nonsense and there are cheat sheets you may find interesting. And she let’s people know what’s available in the States. She is on Instagram/ Facebook too.
      Yeah the shopping situation is fun stuffs getting back on the shelves. But online shopping in the food stores is booked out for weeks. Yes this COVID situation is getting everywhere. Take care and stay safe Xx

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      1. Thank you for the tips! I’ll check her out. I feel like this situation is bringing to light what I feel is necessary or not when it comes to my daily care routine. Time will tell how I fare out of this whole ordeal 😉 Stay well and safe.

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      2. I’m cooped up in a flat no garden .The sun is out now so I’ve opened the windows. But my skin has been so dry with the central heating. Although I cleanse and moisturize on a daily basis I had to make sure I used a hydrating moisturiser. Those 5 minutes a day makes me feel human again. Hopefully the central heating off now will help my skin. Stay well and safe 😉

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